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  1. Hello players! Today we will add event medals and adenas plus level on start , so you can practicly start testing! Stay tuned!
  2. Just bought it for L2Ophylia server, the support superb, the updates superb! We are pretty happy to be your customer!
  3. Hello everyone, L2Ophylia Open Beta will run until 10-10-2020 to ensure we are perfect to launch live Test everything now , we also using a whole Lineage2 Classic Interface from Chaos Interface team! Download link: Patch
  4. wow still people are selling backdoored files?
  5. one of the best interfaces out there, big vouch for this guy, very helpfull and kind! Suggesting Celestine's stuff 100%
  6. Hello, fellow Celestine! Thank you really much for your kind words! Have a nice day!
  7. Hello everyone, if you are nostalgic to the old "Lineage2" game that unfortunately NCSoft changed it by a lot! We are the ones that you can redeem your nostalgias! Join now to you discord server at : https://discord.gg/gnVjk63 and get ready for a revamp of old memories! We guarantee to you a really longterm project! Stay tuned! Yours, L2Ophylia Team
  8. Hello! L2Ophylia www.l2ophylia.com upcoming lineage2 x10 interlude server want to buy 6 beta testers for testing several Retail features and some "custom" instances! Drop me a pm here if you want or speak with me via https://discord.gg/a9rpECp! Tester must be: Familiar with L2 game Age to be more than 25
  9. Server Side Max Windows per IP : x1 Pin Code Security Smart Guard Security Rates Exp Rate : x10 SP Rate : x10 Adena Rate : x5 Item Drop Rate : x5 Spoil Drop Rate : x5 Npc's Buffer only basic prophet buffs for fighters , mages. GM shop To exchange Event Medals,Vote Runes,PC Bang Points for other usefull items. Global Market to buy and sell items without making stores aka Auction. Service Npc includes all premium things like buying exp runes,color name/title,wh expand etc... [Nothing overpowered]. Class changer Npc Require Adena + Vote runes to change for each profession , if you do not want to spend , then retail way will be. Features Auto Loot : Enabled Herbs : Enabled Skill Learning : Auto Shift + Click on mobs : Enabled Sub Class : Retail Noblesse : Retail Buffs Duration : Retail Offline Shop : Enabled Accounts : auto create Quests All quests working 100% Class's All class's working 100% Olympiad working 100% starts everyday at 18:00. Retail Cycle. PC Bang System you can exchange them for Farm Boxes that will help you on farming. Event Medal Collection System For each mob you kill there is a high chance to obtain an Event Medal the more you collect the faster you progress. You can exchange Event Medals on GM Shop for Exp Runes,Accessores,Armors,Weapons,Jewls up to C grade. Special feature Dungeons Gather your friends and try to beat the strong monsters that hide inside the dungeons and you will be rewarded with special items. Command: .instancezone to see the time left and re-entry time. Dungeons reset every 16 hours. Interface: We already include an interface with auto potions/macro/auto craft and a more beautifull graphics design as it seems exactly as L2 Classic Client Note* Each dungeon holds 20 Channels, that means you can enter with your party without messing with other people. Raid Boss Info's Antharas Respawn every 7 days Valakas Respawn every 8 days Baium Respawn every 6 days Frintezza Respawn every 5 days Sailren Respawn every 4 days Zaken Respawn every 2 days Queen Ant Respawn every 1 day Orfen Respawn every 1,5 days Core Respawn every 1,5 days Commands .instancezone to see Dungeon time left and re-entry time.. .whoiam Showing characters details in window. .menu Ingame character settings. .acp Auto potions settings. .rb Status list of 70+ Raid Boss's. .epic Status list of Epic Boss's. .menu .menu opens a console with various options , such as translate/disable ss textures/ Repair Character/ Change pass. .topzone/.hopzone/.votebrazil usable for voting. .offline in order to active the offlineshop. Overall View Our farm friendly system allows you to enjoy the grinding phase without making it like a boring chore. With proper calculations that have been made by our Team we want to give you the best experience. We plan to stay and run as long as it's possible. General Info's Our server is running with one of the best l2j projects out there [Private] and our team is constantly working on the files website is still under contruction but accessible, ETA of BETA is planned around end of september, more will be announced Website: www.l2ophylia.com Note* We are always open for suggestions. Topic will be constantly updated Beta runs until 10-10-2020 Server will open at 10-10-2020 21:00 GMT +3 Discord Channel https://discord.gg/gnVjk63 Open Beta will run until 10-10-2020 to ensure we are perfect to launch liveTest everything now , we also using a whole Lineage2 Classic Interface from Chaos Interface team!Download link: Patch
  10. Hello melron, we are not gonna ude any custom we want to bring an old taste of lineage back i agree about the progress that will stop yes. But i think September or Octomber is not a bad period and for sure people can try playing a bit. Low rate keeps economy too so i assume it will last longer no? Anyway some ideas will be welcome
  11. Hello fellow "cheaters" i am makimg a gallop. We own really strong files for such rates so we kindly ask if you will play on a x10 retail like Noc buffer giving six basicl buffs for fighters / mages Shop having just ss Service manager that gives u only expand wh/delever/expand clan wh/ karma clean/ 0 pk count/ name/title colors So what else would you like to see or it is nice just like that! Of course raidboss timmings / quests and such will be "touched" to match economy and balance the outcome. We want to hear your voice. Server will have a great advertise campaign.. just we love to hear your voice! Just to keep in mind this gallop isnt only on this forum we will sum up the ideas and making a nice outcome! Thanks in advantage!