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  1. Hello MxC Community we are proud to announce that today L2 Devianne opens its gates! Also there is a quick addition , D/C Grade equipment will cost 1 adena and will be sold aswell for 1 adena , do not try to cheat hehe. We are waiting for you to come to our server today, give us a try ! Longterm, stable and fun! Constant updates will be made to express everyones taste! I request kindly a Global Moderator to move this topic to Live Servers ! Best Regards, L2 Devianne Team Website http://l2-devianne.com/ Discord https://discord.gg/hrzUXeyGq3 Facebook https:
  2. New feature added Upgradeable Epics, endgame doesnt really end! Now if you own Epic Jewels (Baium, Antharas etc) you can upgrade them to Immortal state. How is that possible? Kill the bosses once again and loot their essences. NPC Farris located in giran will exchange some vote coins and essences + your current jewel and will upgrade it for you to Immortal giving you a great bonus! Website http://l2-devianne.com/ Discord https://discord.gg/hrzUXeyGq3 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DevianneL2 Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2UGGZaOxrs
  3. Thanks for your comments! Our Forum page has been build up, check it out here: http://l2-devianne.com/forum/ Also our Server trailer along with youtube channel, check it out and folow us there as well! 🙂
  4. Hello community, our server grand opening announced at 27/2/2021 and we are beta from now! Follow us on discord for further informations. http://l2-devianne.com/ Urgent: Our website is online and functional , still you might not be able to join forums / support or store because we still working on them! Further support will be provided through discord! Regards, Administrator Tixy
  5. Hello community! We created new server and we would love you to join us! Client is Secret of Empire Classic - Style - Interlude, with special features 🙂 Come play with us, lets have some fun! 🙂 Information about server: Server Rates: XP: x10 SP: x10 Adena: x10 (amount) Drop: x2 (chance) Spoil: x2 (chance) x1 (amount) Quest: x2 (xp/adena) Raid Bosses Exp: x10 Raid Bosses SP: x10 Raid Bosses Drop: x1 Manor: x1 Seal Stones: x2 (Catacombs available with teleport for adena) Safe Enchant: +3 Maximum Enchant: Unlimited Normal Scroll Chance: 56% Blessed Scroll Chance: