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  1. Report Icarox for scam

    thats fine he made up for it
  2. missing animnotify (attack shot/item is when the shot action of the skill connects with the player or when the projectile launches) - if not defined it is always at the end of the sequence try atk01 for old models also make sure theres no cast anim in skillgrp (x j i) or whatever you put it as
  3. auto usually atk01 atk02 casts are usually spatk01 spatk02 spatk03 sequences will vary depending on your animation, some wont have a spatk03, some wont have a atk02, some wont even have a spatk (OLD models) edit - what i usually do is view them in nv to determine which anim will fit which skill
  4. you tried all the wrong methods look at mobskillanimgrp or whatever thats called
  5. but why tho

    i just got kicked agian
  6. extremely unreliable and irresponsible order placed in like july and still havent received it always claims its 'almost done' yet refuses to show a preview of any kind and apparently its been 'almost done' for months now does not respond to messages, and makes up excuses like his pc died says he is 'working on it now' but does not deliver anything would not recommend at all
  7. Code L2j Services

    i need help compiling on eclipse .. :SS
  8. How To Make A Million With Bitcoins

    how to make lots of money 1 - dont buy bitcoin 2 - be me 3 - dont buy cryptos lol --> the average bitcoin "trader"
  9. since this is my share i can still offer some support theres no enchant color because the most probable cause is that i removed rangesample so you dont cover the effect with some stupid colors in your weapongrp scroll to the end of the line and search for something like LineageWeapon.Rangesample (make sure its Rangesample i usually make it like rangesamplee) o now that i look at it, the pic is +0 meaning that isHero bool is turned on in weapongrp. you can turn off isHero and then add back rangesample
  10. i like how the weapon stand decor is just straight ripped from perseus along with these costumes lol close this thread
  11. Negative reputation abuse without reason

    rep shouldnt be allowed in like help seciton or marketplace at all LOL