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  1. its from the client, assuming its c_u00x
  2. i think its because its hardcoded in interlude as some skills dont need to have a skill usk value and you can look through that rar to see what classes there are so you can use it for a new skill that already exists
  3. i think you would need to rotate the emitter since i dont remember that there was a property in weapongrp that controlled rotation
  4. http://puu.sh/AQGzM/f36817d5d9.rar uhh.. forgot which was sonic blast LOL honestly i'd just script it myself if i couldnt find it because its really fast i can do sonic blaster for you if you really cant find it
  5. rofl thats all wrong its the value between icon and cast style and its because there is no defined path to a usk for skillgrp to look try putting skill.4 in there which will give you the anim of dash to see if itw orks
  6. o because a while ago he came up to me with something about making a l2 server based around pubg/battle royale
  7. uhh not really.. take a look at l2 damage as an example or the side advertisements on here (l2 mad)
  8. glad to see some activity in this forum and most of all a server that doesnt conform to cookie cutter standards maybe we can collab sometime
  9. wow this reminds me of the golden days aka 2008-2011 holy NOSTALGIA
  10. ok heres a concept i was thinking of how do you like it (its like half and i wanted to include more original footage)
  11. o god im fatigued what about my other one also add me on discord if you want to contribute to stuff!! BigManBoost #6760
  12. i dont get it is that good or bad