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  1. you dont need to compile lineageeffect you want to do a new usk, they are unrelated
  2. you need to unpack engine u of your unreal so its able to work with skillVisualEffect
  3. your unreal needs to be able to read/write skillVisualEffect therefore you have to create the proper classes so it is able to do so
  4. can anyone link me to a working classic 2.5 file editor (antharas-7s)
  5. i hav a lot of the stuff done just need to adjust a bit, wondering how well it would do tho
  6. ive been out of l2 for quite a while but still have a lot of my custom stuff and server concept that i would like to work out, however i thought of turning it towards a mid rate instead of like a REAL custom server server will be heavily influenced by l2 classic (which is the future) and will have some zones and interface and skills from it as well as some changes to items as well as custom stats for S grade and 'refined A grade' class chances = warlord sk da necro summoners like classic refined A grade sets = example: normal tallum armor gives 8% attack speed, refined gives 10% or 12% runes instead of SA = promotes diversity and will just have 1 level due to client restrictions (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Runes) if this server was to be done on lets say a 20x how well would it do with the current community? would it be better if this was kept as a pvp server instead (originally made to start at 75 and cap at 80 with custom rates) will hav more detailed post later (had a pdf on what i did on custom server)
  7. lf decypted i need to take some features thanks
  8. https://maxcheaters.com/topic/223168-decrypt/?tab=comments#comment-2685194
  9. lf someone who knows how to decrypt a neophron interface interested in some features in it and want to see how it works code wise pm for info
  10. its not even that just dont give it a stupid id make it like 11000
  11. this guide will go over how to create costumes for interlude and provide the resources necessary to do so [Hidden Content]