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  1. LF Looking for website auto poster

    Still looking. Anyone skilled on iMacros or any other automation on website?
  2. Hello guys, I am looking for something to make my work easier. To give more details, the website I am posting is like any other market website. I don't know if I'm allowed to post the link in here. So I am looking for any kind of automatization or auto posting. If anyone got more knowledge about this, please let me know. Also contact me on Skype: nighty.andrei I will pay accordingly to the product i will get, or the method :) Thank you!
  3. EN Where is my jewels

    need to see receipt? :)) registered on official audemars site :((
  4. when u visited this forum first? :)

    god damn this makes me feel old ive been here since like 07 or 08
  5. EN Where is my jewels

    mxc officially dead lol
  6. you can export the textures using umodel lol
  7. Help trail

    late response but sger@fjs ++ CoordinateSystem=PTCS_Spray
  8. excess is not my server name dont worry bout it plus i THINK based off features theres nothing of mine in there
  9. Help trail

    weird still doesnt work maybe its my engine or compiler do you wanna send me over PM
  10. Help Npc Arrows

    these are both awful ways to do that lol did you check interface u
  11. post full error lol
  12. o i meant script for u_lind_eyeglow_right in reference to my post here
  13. how do you make the eyes trail like that its been bothering me for so long
  14. in video 1 the icey effect leaves a trail and is detached from the player in video 2 the effect is kind of stuck with the bone (theres no trail) do you get it what property do i need to use to get the effect in v2 to be like v1 this has been bothering me for the longest time and comparing original retail emitters with custom ones doesnt really seem to help since there isnt anything foreign or missing unless im blind