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  1. So as ppl will log their bots and buff themselves,thus increasing the online count.
  2. Hey guys. I wonder if somebody wants to come up with something new,like multiskill low rate high five,i have seen some servers like I would definately join such a server and i think many ppl would do so because they are bored of current mid rates (same thing every time),but eu not ru ☺ .
  3. Gl. I will definetaly join this one cause i am also tired of 1 week servers.
  4. Sorry but you are wrong. Mid rate and high rate servers are too easy. In first week you have full char and you have nothing to apart from w8ing for flagged bitches to show up. Only low rates survive a bit longer. Btw, ofc people will run from one server to another since they open and close like whorehouses.
  5. make some ads in topsites. I am planning to join in june
  6. All of these servers are far better than shitty tales jokes.
  7. Tales-averia-dorn I hope this means the end of stalone. (hope...)
  8. Another russian shit on the way. Get cover guys
  9. Probably 15k wall will break in the midnight
  10. Come on guys,all go vote. Almost reached 15k regs.
  11. Stop promoting every shit that passes through your mind. Innova will never make partnership with tales or any other private project.
  12. Classic is a c1-c2-c3 mix with fixed old bugs ,more balanced and difficult. Drops are a bit different, extra shortcuts and graphics are similar to god.
  13. If you are still looking for a server join official. I think this is what you were looking for,you wont regret it. Plz if there are still ppl who dont know about l2 classic,just register in that site. We need 15k regs and we currently have 8,7k
  14. Renaiscence=far better