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  1. Dear friends! Many of You know that from the beginning of the summer in our plans was the opening of the low rate server on January 3 which is not adjacent to Gracia Final and High Five Chronicles. We are glad to inform you that due to numerous requests of players, we will announce the opening of a new server. You will decide what server will be opened! The launch will take place on 3 January, but now you have the opportunity to choose between Interlude, Lineage Classic and the last part Ertheia. At our disposal is the best time-tested Interlude assembly , the last part Lineage 2 Ertheia which is fully complies with the official servers, and Lineage Classic. During the voting, which will be available in the coming days on the website, we will determine which server will be most interesting for our future players. After the closure of voting and determining the build of the server will be open a few discussions on the characteristics of the server and its concept. We want to give players maximum of opportunities and choice in what will be the next server. You can choose server rates, its features, the range's store, to discuss other important issues. Comments in this thread are welcome! Visit Vote PAGE
  2. Master Yogi's Tale Master Yogi is a dedicated disciple who has returned from a long pilgrimage with much to share. He is offering to share his enchanting tales with all who wish to learn more. He has much to offer those who are willing to put their patience and devotion to the test. If you possess the strongest of faith, you could be rewarded with goods many only dream of. General Information Collect Master Yogi's enchant scrolls by hunting monsters and retrieving the scrolls that they drop. When you have obtained several scrolls, visit Master Yogi and purchase a Staff of Master Yogi for 1,000 adena. Use the event scrolls to enchant the staff and see how powerful you can make it! The higher you enchant the staff, the greater the reward that Master Yogi will have for you. Master Yogi's enchant scrolls will also be available for sale by Master Yogi. You may purchase 24 enchant scrolls for 6,000 adena but only once every 6 hours (per account). If you don't want to wait for another 6 hours or hunt for more scrolls, you can purchase additional scrolls for 77,777 adena each. Once you have enchanted the staff as much as you dare, give Master Yogi the staff for one of many rewards. Event Items Icon Item Name Description Master Yogi's Scroll: Enchant Weapon - Use this scroll to enchant the Staff of Master Yogi. This item can be traded, dropped, and stored. Staff of Master Yogi Purchase this staff for 1,000 adena from Master Yogi. - This item cannot be dropped, sold, traded, or stored. Event Dates The event will run from NOV 18th, until DEC 5th. From DEC 2nd until DEC 5th, no more event enchant scrolls will drop but you will still be able to purchase scrolls from Master Yogi and turn in any remaining event items. All event items (scrolls and staffs) will be deleted during the weekly server maintenance on DEC 5th. Rewards Those with the most impressive gift of enchantment will find themselves with the most powerful of prizes. Good luck and happy enchanting!
  3. u can get NG equipment Accessory Mount Lion x3 Chocolate Cookie Fairy Princes for mages White Wisele for fighters Sweet Fruit Cocktail х3 Fresh Fruit Cocktail х3
  4. Dear friends! We congratulate all residents of the world Lira x7 with Halloween and All Saints Day! NPC Ahuron Raulian - Aden Castle Town manager, has prepared special gifts for you, find him in the Ancient Battleground and take them! He will be there only one hour, from 19:00 to 20:00 (UTC +3)!
  5. Fall Harvest Gardener Fordson is back at it again! No one seems to have more success at growing magical squash than this guy. After yet another successful summer season, Fordson has decided to reinvest his earnings into a new strain of seeds. As Fordson is forever buying more seeds than he can handle, he has decided to sell his surplus to any adventurer who is interested in his horticultural pursuits. However, jealous of Fordson's miraculous seeds, some of the local farmers have contracted the services of a geneticist who has been attempting to clone Fordson's seeds! Although they have only met with marginal success, it seems the key to cloning is in the incubation process. Viewed as an unholy and unnatural procedure by some, the geneticist found he could obtain similar magical properties by 'planting' the seeds on various creatures throughout the world. Being a bit touched in the head, the geneticist has since lost track of which monsters he used in his experiments. Even now, it is impossible to tell which mobs are carriers and which ones aren't. As a faithful employee of Gardener Fordson, Buzz the Cat will be in towns throughout Aden and Elmore. Give Buzz your Nectar and he will give you a magical Squash Seed or a Chrono Darbuka. But also be aware that the geneticists' experimental creatures are still out there. And it is said that slaying one of these carriers can yield a cloned squash seed. General Information Nectar can be obtained from defeated monsters that are near your level of experience. Trade your stock of nectar to Buzz the Cat for enchanted seeds and grow your own magical squash. After planting a seed, feeding your fledgling squash enough nectar will make it grow. You must then break it open to harvest your prize! Hitting a squash before it has fully grown will cause it to wilt from lack of nutrition, so be careful. Also, since these magical squash will disappear after a short while, take care to crack it open before it gets away. Squash Seeds can grow into Low Quality Squash, High Quality Squash, or King Squash. Large Squash Seeds can now turn into one of two types of special squash: Large Squash, or Emperor Squash! The latter squash can't be pried open with a regular weapon. Chronicle souvenir weapons must be used. These large squash will require the help of many people in order to break it before it disappears. Chrono Darbukas can be purchased from Buzz the Cat during this event in exchange for your gathered nectar. Event Items Squash Seed - Double-click it and a young squash will appear. Large Squash Seed - Double-click it and a large young squash will appear. Cloned Squash Seed - Double-click it and a young squash will appear. This item cannot be exchanged or dropped. Cloned Large Squash Seed - Double click it and a large young squash will appear. This item cannot be exchanged or dropped. Nectar - Buzz the Cat will give you a squash seed for it, or it may be used to grow a squash. Chrono Darbuka Chronicle IV Souvenir!!! - This item is needed to break open large squash. Prizes Prizes include potions, armor and weapon enchantment scrolls, soul crystals, and more. Remember, you must work to break the squash open quickly or the squash will vanish. Although the Nectar will stop dropping after maintenance on 6 NOV, Buzz the Cat will remain in villages until the maintenance period on 8 NOV Good luck and Happy Hunting!
  6. October 16, 2015 Bonus Start on Lira x7 Dear friends, as we said before the start of the server, BONUS START on Lira 7x will start on October 16. Surely playing on our project you have heard about it, in this topic we would like to give full information about this event, what activities will take place and what bonuses await for you. What is the Bonus Start This is a second breathe for the server, now we resume full-fledged advertising of Lira x7! Advertising will be everywhere, hopzone, mmotop, la2top, L2jbrazil, Google and Yandex, sms and email messages, etc. Since October 16, every new character will get a bonus which will help you to join to server's life and become part of it. Also there is possibility for old players to start another character with new players. What bonuses await new players On 16th of October at 11:00 UTC +3 Server will be restarted. At 12:00 UTC+3 Server will be available and all bonuses will be activated for new players. Bonuses for Beginners: NG equipment Accessory Mount Lion x3 Chocolate Cookie Fairy Princes for mages White Wisele for fighters Sweet Fruit Cocktail х3 Fresh Fruit Cocktail х3 Thank you all who has supported our server. With your help we can start second advertising company and give 2nd breathe to our server!
  7. Rabbits to Riches Event 10/02-10/09 The playful residents of this strange and wondrous land have spread Treasure Sack Pieces across the globe. And they are waiting for you to find and collect these special items. Collect enough, and these pint-sized occupants will exchange your pieces for rare and precious prizes, including S-grade armor, high-grade Soul Crystals, shadow Agathion bracelets, and more! How it works Collect 50 Treasure Sack Pieces by hunting monsters and retrieving the pieces they're hoarding. When you turn in 50 Treasure Sack Pieces to one of the event managers, you will receive one of six different Treasure Sacks (a 1st through 6th Place Treasure Sack) at random. Once you earn a Treasure Sack, open (double-click) it to see what you've won! Most Treasure Sacks contain only one item, but some contain more. During this event, Fantasy Isle residents will be visiting every city to provide free teleports for all to Fantasy Isle. During the item drop period, the event managers will sell Rabbit Transformation Scrolls. You may use your Rabbit Transformation Scroll anywhere, but you will only find treasure on Fantasy Isle, so we recommend using it there! You may purchase a Rabbit Transformation Scroll only once every 12 hours, per account. Once you transform into a Rabbit, you will inherit two special skills: Rabbit Magic Eye and Rabbit Tornado. The Rabbit Magic Eye skill will allow you to see nearby hidden treasure boxes (only on Fantasy Isle). Once you successfully locate a treasure box by using the Rabbit Magic Eye skill, a total of three treasure boxes will appear. (They de-spawn after 18 seconds). You can use the Rabbit Tornado skill to open treasure boxes. Rare and special treasure boxes that shoot fireworks when you open them will sometimes appear. These boxes contain random rewards such as top A-grade weapons, Shadow Wolf Mount Bracelets, whole Treasure Sacks, and additional Treasure Sack Pieces. Rabbits may be expert jumpers, but they aren't the best swimmers. Your rabbit transformation will last for 10 minutes, but it will cancel immediately if you go into water. Stick to dry ground as long as you're in rabbit form. Treasure Sack Prizes 1st Place Treasure Sack - A piece of S-Grade Armor, or a Stage 13-14 Soul Crystal 2nd Place Treasure Sack - An S-Grade Enchant Scroll, or a Giant's Secret Codex (Oblivion, Discipline, Mastery), or an Attribute Stone 3rd Place Treasure Sack - An A-Grade Enchant Scroll, or a B-Grade Enchant Scroll, or a Life Stone, or a Blessed Scroll of Resurrection 4th Place Treasure Sack - A C-Grade Enchant Scroll, or a D-Grade Enchant Scroll, or a Shadow Agathion Bracelet, or a Blessed Scroll of Escape 5th Place Treasure Sack - A Fruit Cocktail Set 6th Place Treasure Sack - Various Buff Juices Event Schedule The event items will start dropping on October 2nd until October 9th. However, Event Manager Snow will remain in the game from October 2nd till October 14th. In addition, Treasure Sack Pieces and Rabbit Transformation Scrolls will be removed.
  8. Thank you for your feedback, we will try to do everything in the best possible way. If you wish, you can always join our team of chat moderators and help us in this struggle
  9. we struggle with it, pls be patient ;)
  10. Dear friends! Start of Lira x7 very soon! As a reminder, the opening will be held today, 12 September at 19:00 (+3 UTC) We want to thank all players who participated in the Open Test. Thanks to all those who carried out the tests and helped us to make this game world. Test server is disabled, we started the preparatory work for main start. During the OBT was created 6500 characters Peak online on the OBT was almost 500 people. This is a pretty good performance, we can confidently expect a decent online on the grand opening. Everything you need to start on the server: Be SURE to prepare everything for the start of the game RIGHT NOW, do not procrastinate, during the opening there may be a problem with the web part of the project and you simply will not be able to register. Registration G.Final client Patch Updater Donations Now we want to talk about possible problems at the start: On all starts of servers there are DDoS attacks. And some people try to find vulnerabilities in the server, in order to inflict maximum damage. We are 100% confident that someone will be prevent us at the start. We prepared as good as we can. We will control the start of the server together with you all. We will be in touch via site and forum, and in case of problems with them via Facebook (our Facebook). Also Ostin and Lika will always be able to accept everyone in our Skype. Ostin’s Skype: ostintm (avatar smurf) We want to ask you, in the case of a problem, don't panic, panic is the worst possible thing that could be, even worse than any DDoS attack. We have enough specialists to solve any problems, all that will need from you is patience and trust. If you read this topic to the end, then we are sure you are 100% ready to start on Lira x7!
  11. Unique gift for taking part in OBT Lira x7 Dear friends, we strongly recommend all to visit OBT of server Lira x7. On the open test, you can explore the concept of the server, make sure as a gaming platform, 100% prepare your client for the start September 12th. During OBT, in the evenings will be held quizzes and exploratory events. And most importantly, if your character will stay on the OBT is more than 1 hour, you will get a unique "Set of Colonists" in the first character on the account at the start of the server! The set includes Shadow casual accessory Shadow mount Sweet Fruit Cocktail х3 Fresh Fruit Cocktail х3 Chocolate Cookie * For the game on the server Lira x7 you can use accounts from other our servers. How to get access for open beta test of Lira x7
  12. We have enough tools to block violators and prevent them from game
  13. we will watching the situation on the server and we will listen to the player's oppinion about migration to HF
  14. we expect no earlier than the third month
  15. Opening on September 12, 2015 at 19:00 (+3 UTC) Server description: Opening date: September 12, 19:00 (+3 UTC) Server time(game world): +3 UTC Server platform: Gracia Final OFF (Retail) Specifically for English-speaking users we have prepared a new website: GF x7 is a classic game world, designed for long gameplay. Easy start, an alleviation of some boring moments and thought-out rates - will give to the server the opportunity to develop properly and will provide to all players a warm feeling wich sunk into Oblivion. Gracia Final x7 is first game world whose life will be extended not only through the Bonus the Start, but by switching to chronicle High Five. Rates: X7 Dynamic rates for adena! Hellbound island - will be opened from the start and has a 2nd level. Increasing of the island's level will go faster. Automatic pick up of loot No equipment to buy in donation shop Offline trading Favorable conditions for PK players Tears of Luck - a special currency of the server, cannot be transmitted. Issued to all players who are outside of the city in the battle mode. Is issued for one coin at random intervals. With help of this currency You can purchase a variety of accessories, jewelry, agations, buff scrolls, cocktails Lucky Treasure Chest -while you farm mobs, you can meet a special chests, killing whom, you can get the Tears of Luck and other useful things. October 16 "the second breath" for the server - a new advertising campaign, which can be comparable to the launch of the new server + activation of bonuses for new players The future migration to High Five chronicle Detailed description of the game world GF x7 Attention! The concept of the game world can undergo changes, adjustments and additions. This game world will not merge to any other, it will operate until the last player. Rates: Exp/SP: х7 Dynamic rates for adena! Level 1-61: X10 Level 62-76: X7 Level 76+: X3 Seal Stones: X5 (number) Drop: х5 - - the amount of resources increases depending on chance (not touching the whole items and recipes) Spoil: х5 - - the amount of resources increases depending on chance (not recipes) Quests items drop - х1, Quests with increased rates are listed below* Quests with increased rates Quests - x5 (only for quests with the reward adena\exp\sp) Квесты серии Pailaka - x2 for exp/sp Level 36-42: Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire Level 61-67: Pailaka - Devil's Legacy Level 73-77: Pailaka - Injured Dragon RB drop: x5 RB Exp/SP: x3 Epic RB: drop chance X3, amount x1 (excluding epic jewelry), Exp/Sp: x1 (duplicated groups for whole items) ​Gameplay: Offline trading. To activate offline trade you should have 100.000 adena Shop's time activity - 96 hours. Trading is not allowed near GateKeeper in all cities. In the cities of Aden and Giran are demarcated trading areas. The automatic pick up items (autoloot) The seven seals will start from Monday Castle sieges and territory war: Siege of all castles will be held in the standard cycle, in week of Mamon The first territorial war will be held immediately after the castle siege. Profession can be passed via quest, or purchasing for in-game currency First profession - 100,000 adena or 10 ToD Second profession - 1.500.000 adena or 50 ToD Epic bosses are alive from the start of the server. Location Primeval Isle Location Isle of Prayer: Location Hellbound: Moderate store for Tears of Devotion: The store will not sell: Items affecting game balance Equipment Transformations It is possible to buy for Tears of Devotion: Accessories, mounts, pets Consumable items Runes Items to restore vitality, including your favorite cakes