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  1. Try now, ive been updating the auto updater. http://l2renaiscence.eu/L2Renaiscence_Auto_Updater.rar
  2. Exactly mate, this Wednesday at 15:00 GMT +2 we start at BETA mode for 5 hours. After those 5 hours the server goes live. We looking forward seeing you in game guys.
  3. Hello players, id like to announce some good and some bad news aswell. The good news is that we are moving to a new monster Dedicated machine protected by ‪#‎OVHs_First_PC‬ with almost triple specs than the one we used back at Bee2Host which is probably the currently worst hosting OVH Reseller having a REALLY BAD support system (our server got DDoSed today, sent help ticket and i got a reply 7 hours later -they claim having 24/7 support-). Anyway, i will let you guys know more on forums. The bad news is that the Grand Opening will be postponed to Wednesday 22/4 April at 15:00 GMT +2. We need to wait for the stupid company to allows us access the machine and get the latest backup(update) since we've been working there the last 2 days and it contains much work. OVH's new clients are being accepted on weekdays, so we wait for Monday to get the new box, start the installation etc. I would like to ask a big sorry from the people who joined and waited so much for the Grand Opening at Sunday but please be patient. -Sera
  4. Our updater has been updated with the final patch. We are now to our road to the Grand Opening. Get your people and join now! http://l2renaiscence.eu
  5. Open date is 19/4 at 13:00 GMT+2 as beta for 5 hours, and after those hours, the server is going live at 18:00 GMT+2 (after wipe) Go and register on our forum, for further information about the balancing changes. http://l2renaiscence.eu/forum/
  6. There are already 30 + Custom Cloaks mate, do you need more? :D
  7. :) Hey guys, its ONLY 3 DAYS from server's Grand Opening. We already have 6+ more strong clans registered on our Clan event (check here for further info http://l2renaiscence.eu/forum/index.php?/topic/6-are-you-going-to-join-l2-renaiscence-with-friends-check-here/) and there are still clans that havent joined yet. Make sure you inform your friends, enemies, families, girlfriends, boyfriends, JUSTIN BIEBER and his gay friends about our Server. Join us now http://www.l2renaiscence.eu
  8. Your suggestion is great and it will be considered for sure. May i know what your problem was on our forum?
  9. Hello mate, since we decided to TRYHARD A LOT on our proficiency, we surely going to make events for newbies 1 per month, we aim to get as many players we can and we are even open on new suggestions. Get on our forum to be up to date.L2renaiscence.eu/forum Welcome to our community.
  10. Dreamwork instance is an instance made for duos. You get your friend and join. You guys will have 45 minutes to kill monsters on a gracia area location. Kill them all fast and you might have enough time to kill the mini raidboss aswell. Renaiscence instance is the hardest instance you can meet around. 10 people needed for this instance no less. If you dont have invested A LOT on every single character, dont expect to kill even the second round of monsters. The drops arent many, but for sure it worths getting in and trying your luck. Legendary Accessories, materials for Renaiscence armor and much more will be the drops for this instance.
  11. Thanks for your support guys. Remember that the server will be more promising with more players. Share our Facebook page to your friends and to your clans groups. Dont forget to register to our forums and include your clan in the list which will give 2k points at the Grand Opening.
  12. This has started since 2 months ago. Now we need players assistance as well. Visit our forums and register, visit our page like it and share it. This way we will get more players.
  13. Hello people, thanks for the interest and your questions. The BETA version comes just for a few hours for a few reasons. First of all, because i want the players to focus on checking new armors and weapons than pvp with them and literally lose their time. (the time to pvp will be unlimited when the server goes live). Second, i want from the players to check the animations since its new stuff and it requires testing. Giving more time for beta will just make ppl get bored. You can translate the beta word as a greeting one. About the levels Cap. Its the old ordinary up to lv 95. To be honest with you we thought of making level cap at 99 but since we made the xp system a bit harder we need to test it. So the cap might be raised later. Moreover, i would oike to repeat that you guys can make MORE interesting this server if you help on the advertising by telling your friends about it. The more players the server has, the fun will be even more.
  14. L2 Renaiscence Custom PvP, High Rate Server Our Server's pack is an updated version of L2Pride's. The whole pack has been reworked on a percent of 85, trying to bring the balance between classes, adding 4 new armor sets, fixing various bugs and cheats which made the gameplay bad. Lets take a closer look on Server's Features. 1. PvP Zones. The old pack used to have just Gludin Town as an open Grade PvP town. We've fixed Gludin's Geodata for greater pvp experience. New* Hunter's Village. 14 different spawning points, bigger percent to drop PvP Tokens. Implemented the latest Geodata patch through L2j's latest update. Orc Village is still there with the item Restriction but its going to be used as a Special Event village.Disabled as a zone to avoid PvP Farm issues. 2. Farming Zones. Our logic of each farming zone is to let players enjoy their time farming than praying to get a drop from a monster. Lucky drops is not the way L2 Renaiscence's players should get their gear. Made REALLY big space for everyone to farm, so the Farming Zones are: Dragon Valley Cave (All kind farming Zone) Here you can find all kind of monsters to farm. This place suits more for someone who knows how to move into the cave since its huge. Beware of some Raidbosses that might spawn :o Cemetery (Party Farming Zone) The old and nice farming spot and also well known for the huge battles is there still to bring some fun to the players. The new Geodata system allows players to PvP on a better way since there are no more any game crashes with the old garbage static meshes. Drops have been reworked on monsters. Boosted the material drops and increased a bit the chances to drop various items. Ruins of Despair (Medium Difficulty Farming Zone) Ruins of Despair has been reworked on a big base when it comes on drops. More drops make the farm easier for players. Cave of Trials (Newbie's Farming Zone) Cave of Trials has all kind of difficulties when it comes on farming. The cave allows only items up to S80. New* Frozen Labyrinth (Higher Grade Farming Zone) Frozen Labyrinth is a new farming zone which will allow players to farm for a certain Tier of gear. It contains both Solo and Party monsters. 3. Events L2 Renaiscence brings back the old Siege Event engine fixed and ready to bring up the competition thumbs with Great rewards for the winners. Losers will also have some kind of reward but for sure this going to be much lower. Other than the Siege Events, L2 Renaiscence is running Nexus Event Engine 3.0 with many new custom TvT, CtF and other maps. All the 100% working events are implemented only. No more event bugs etc. 4. Weapon and Armor sets Our team managed to change most of the PvP and PvE experience through the different armor and weapons. Each Armor and Weapon set which have been implemented so far (MORE TO COME ON NEXT UPDATES) have been double checked (new weaps/armors) and reworked (old ones) in order to achieve a smooth adaption. So im going now to present to you L2 Renaiscence's custom Armor and Weapon sets. 5. Jewels/Cloaks/Accessories All the old accessory and cloaks are in the game REWORKED and balanced. All the accessories are now useful. More than 20 NEW ACCESSORIES Legendary and Forbidden are now IMPLEMENTED with working stats ready for the players to farm for them. Moreover, 25 cloaks have been added as well. All of them are being dropped from high level Raids. Finally there are 2 new Jewels set which have been implemented by L2 Renaiscence. The Evil Relic Jewel Set and the Dreanor jewel set. 6. Custom Skills Most of L2 Renaiscence's skills are edited. Some are edited on the effects, others on the animations and some others are named Forbidden Skills which are 90% made by our team. All classes can use 2 Forbidden custom skills. All the classes have just 2 Forbidden skills.(for now) A video will give you a taste of what im talking about. *video to be posted here* 7. Raidbosses New raiding experience comes with the arrival of L2 Renaiscence. 150++ Raidbosses have been edited (Skills and Drops). Raidbosses are worth the most being hunted all the time since they drop the most valuable mats in game. *Soon going to be added Custom information on the Community Board about the Current Alive Raidbosses, so you guys will know how many Raids are up. 8. Instances This is the part i mostly like. L2 Renaiscence is going to bring back the 3 well known instances and 2 new ones. a. Kamaloka (3 ppl instance, easy and daily) b. Giran Instance (4-7 ppl instance, medium once every 3 days) c. Aden Instance (4-8 ppl instance, raidboss instance once every week) d. Dreamwork Instance (2 ppl instance <marriage instance>, easy instance once every 2 days) e. Renaiscence Instance (10 ppl instance, ultra hard instance once every 15 days) I feel like giving some details about those instances. Dreamwork instance is a custom instance, unique. It allows only married couples to join once every 2 days. Drops will mostly be some new Item Upgrades on extremely low rate and useful mats for your progress in game. Renaiscence instance is another custom unique instance. This instance is made ONLY for the players who have made their gear and trying to find the extra detail which will make them ULTIMATE WARRIORS. New forbidden and Legendary accessories have been added in that instance. NPC's are stored in that instance AND only. L2 Renaiscence will allow everyone to have the chance getting the best gear. If something is in game that means that theres at least A SINGLE way get it. Same goes for the donation items which affect the gameplay. (services are excluded) 9. The L2 Renaiscence Team This is the part i'd like to say hello to our readers and possibly players who are going to spend their time in our Server. Our Head Team aparts from me, Sera as Owner/Developer/Client Developer/Web Owner/Head Administrator and Inox Owner/Head Administrator. We're both real life friends and been playing Lineage for many years mostly on custom PvP Servers. My personal opinion is that travelling from Server to Server for that much time gave me a nice thought of how a Custom PvP High Rate Server should be. L2 Renaiscence is more than a promise that we will try to keep as much as we can. The rest of the GM team which is going to be presented on another post, are getting paid for their work. Our ideology is that when people show their trust to you, you have to make your best in order to satisfy them. That means that every single Donation is being made on the server GMs get a reward from it. If the player is happy, then everyone's happy. We treat ALL the players the same. It doesn't matter how much a player is going to donate. He still has the same treatment with the rest of players. L2Renaiscence's GM logs are being sent on my Personal Computer each every 2 hours and on Server's Box each every hour. That clearly means that if a GM tries to cheat on any way, its a matter of a 1 hour and 10 minutes to find out or EVEN sooner if he gets reported by any player. GMs are FORCED to be polite, to open petitions and help people. I'm open to GM reports when something of the rest isnt going this way. I wont tolerate anyone's bad behavior towards players. Our aim is to gain as many players as we can so both sides are happy.
  15. Hello guys we trying to bring back prides features with more new ones. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/191210-l2j-l2renaiscence/