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  1. wtb acc lol full skins
  2. WTB ADENA , PAYSAFECARD, no scamers
  3. I sell a archmage account with all certs-subs-noblesse, all skills+30. It has best dyes for pvp and all perfect augments. Items: photo Click - Elegia Tunic +6 - Olf`s T-shirt +10 - Cloak of Hero White - Olympiad Ring - Olympiad Earring - Staff with active Spell Refresh - Staff with active Wild Magic - Staff with active Reflect Damage - Staff with active Refresh - Staff with active Heal - Staff with active Lesser Celetial Shield - All talismans for oly with a lot of mana - Got 50 fa for char rename - Formal wear and some random items Olympiad Points: photo Click - 100 Got paypal and skype pm for info or offers. Scammer dont bother to pm me