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  1. My message was a friendly trolling. I know how the work on the server goes and it goes
  2. Can confirm, server 100% l2off
  3. Not latest, only Ertheia Legit, only for Awakening/Tauti/Glory Days i think, Classic its Glory Days extender
  4. KR symbols broken in DebugSay function (affected Freya, H5, GD), example class 'citizen' Event SPELLED DebugSay(" NPC t < D| Xt|."); Should be DebugSay("난 NPC에게 감염이 되었으니 좀비를 소환해야겠다.");
  5. Show me any cut AI or something from mobius project (self writed from contributers) and i explain you WHY i dont reuse this code in Unity project or somewhere else? WHY? Because any AI/spawndata/skilldata code from mobius i belive not match to retail, they why i'm need leaching this?
  6. If you work on mobius, you steal someone else's job (w/o know real author name) -> decompile -> and commit like self job. Nice, nice. Its about L2ClientDat
  7. Nice, nice, nice, make commit with L2ClientDat but not set REAL author GL Mantra with update to latest structures, i see he already failed update on fews structures LUL
  8. Those who 2 years ago made the leak source (DragonWind) and were unable to rewrite all remained. And you want to say that rewrote all so that almost nothing left of Godworld?