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  1. Half a year has passed, I do not see any l2off data used in your packs.
  2. My message was a friendly trolling. I know how the work on the server goes and it goes
  3. Can confirm, server 100% l2off
  4. Not latest, only Ertheia Legit, only for Awakening/Tauti/Glory Days i think, Classic its Glory Days extender
  5. KR symbols broken in DebugSay function (affected Freya, H5, GD), example class 'citizen' Event SPELLED DebugSay(" NPC t < D| Xt|."); Should be DebugSay("난 NPC에게 감염이 되었으니 좀비를 소환해야겠다.");
  6. Show me any cut AI or something from mobius project (self writed from contributers) and i explain you WHY i dont reuse this code in Unity project or somewhere else? WHY? Because any AI/spawndata/skilldata code from mobius i belive not match to retail, they why i'm need leaching this?
  7. If you work on mobius, you steal someone else's job (w/o know real author name) -> decompile -> and commit like self job. Nice, nice. Its about L2ClientDat
  8. For what i'm need leaching java project, if i can use latest l2off info (data) for get what i'm need?
  9. Nice, nice, nice, make commit with L2ClientDat but not set REAL author GL Mantra with update to latest structures, i see he already failed update on fews structures LUL
  10. Those who 2 years ago made the leak source (DragonWind) and were unable to rewrite all remained. And you want to say that rewrote all so that almost nothing left of Godworld?