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  1. i got a problem and idk how to solve it..when i try to run game server or login i get java error..this message "could not open C:Program Files/java/jre1.8.0_231/lib/i386/jvm.cfg'" and idk why
  2. yeah cuz i dont have lightshot on computer xd
  3. Yeah this srv is so good https://prnt.sc/q4ppal Money hunter with sad packs Gl with ur trash bugged server :D
  4. Dead server.giran full of bots running around.50real onlin max
  5. 1h after openning db+mj l set..thats why this srv will die in 1week or less.
  6. Im not here to fight against ppl..thats my opinions :)
  7. Anyway good luck with ur server.
  8. I mean..1 month with action. Whats the point to play events 10vs10? :)
  9. I know everything about eola.so dont worry ma friend ;)
  10. Server is totally fail..full of corruptions clan Disturbia.i hope this time u gonna spend all money from donates to ur cancer therapy Next seasons ppl wont join like l2sp fcktard