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  1. Trusted team behind the project. Good luck with your server :)
  2. Να σαι καλά, καλή τύχη.
  3. Το acis το developaroun χρόνια τώρα.. θέλω να πιστεύω ότι δε θα αντιμετωπίσεις κάποιο πρόβλημα (δε γνωρίζω σίγουρα γιατί δεν ασχολούμαι τα τελευταία 2 χρόνια), μπορείς να μπεις στο φόρουμ τους και να δεις, σίγουρα θα υπάρχουν "known issues".
  4. Καλησπέρα, για Interlude server πας μόνο σε aCis, οτιδήποτε άλλο είναι κατώτερο. https://acis.i-live.eu/
  5. Thank you. It's not that we need help, we got the experience and the pack for it. It's just that we lost interest. I'm not saying DW will never return, but for now there's no plans for that.
  6. If we were to open the server again, there'd be no donations for items, just cosmetics (armor/weapon skins etc) and rework in many features. Actually some of the rework was already completed before we gave up on the server. You see, people like TSELIGKAS that cry and flame all the time and then when the server is closed they want it back, is the cancer of this community and a huge demotivator to any of us that do this as a hobby. Generally it's not worth it anymore, after doing this for so many years i'm kinda done having to deal with people like him.
  7. Bugtracking at your source must be a pain in the ass kinda in parity with l2jfrozen devs
  8. You are missing code from Say2 or ChatAll class, currently there's nothing triggering a voicedcommand.
  9. pirama don't try to apply logic to this guy please. I tried to help him too and he said i was spamming as well. Funny fella actually :D
  10. Good luck with your server. How come the topic isn't sticky? :D
  11. Well error is pretty straight forward isn't it? Probably tries to spawn NPC 32335 (exists on spawnlist) and fails, resulting into this error.
  12. Well you don't want to give money, you don't want to figure out a fix yourself.. i mean come on, i gave you a valid solution and you disregarded it 6 minutes later, how do you expect to succeed without even trying? Just my 2 cents, don't expect a fix to magically appear out of thin air..
  13. This section is here so members can request for help, not to request a feature or fix. I mean yeah if it's something short sure, why not, but isn't it obvious what you are requesting is not a 1min job? It remains unfixed since Summer. Anyway if you want to request a feature, you can go to the marketplace, i'm sure there will be enough people happy to help you there.
  14. You can create a new Map, store IPs/vote time of players who successfully voted and save the information on server shutdown/load it on server startup (on a newly created DB table). Then add a simple check when someone tries to receive the reward, if the IP is stored and 12 hours haven't passed then player can't be rewarded again. Also keep in mind you'll possibly have to add code to properly maintain this table (ex: expired IPs get deleted).
  15. No. I already told you at my post and gave you an example too. What melron said was also correct EXCEPT the part of his patk percents.
  16. Actually you are wrong. That would be: lvl 1 -> 50% patk, lvl 2 -> 100% patk, lvl 3 -> 200% patk. To decrease it, change the values an example would be: 1.2 1.6 2.3 (20%, 60%, 130%)
  17. Just look at L2JServer IL version, heroes were being automatically granted back then.
  18. There should be a config or constant in the event engine where the flag npc id is specified, for example something like that: private int FLAG_ID = 12345; you'd need to set your newly created NPC ID there.
  19. Well 3 pages of nonsense :D Tryskell gave you the best solution on the first reply of this topic :D No idea why you completely ignored him and kept posting more trash code.
  20. Well lol, if it actually wasn't his fault, why would he lose his status -- which he paid for?
  21. Could also be incorrect npc type. All depends on how the event engine is coded actually.
  22. If it's such a problem to adapt the code, why don't you simply use the javolution lib and be done with it, instead of creating a new topic for each method that doesn't exist on HashMap?