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  1. I told u before and many times in game . You look strong in ur eyes only ofc because u join a server with 100 players online with u being the only premade clan in game.
  2. Stupid primes join servers with 100 online players mostly solo and think they are good . You tryhards have no chance against a premade clan like you . Every server i see you , you all cry all day long looking for the admins and the gms to make things the way you like . For gods sake dont join aepvp . You gonna ruin another server as always
  3. Waiting for this , seems promising . Let's see if it will attract people
  4. People expect from these kind of servers to stay alive w/o any wipe for years . Rofl. Get real guys . GL with ur server mate i'll probably join.
  5. You like it or not he's one of the best developers . Waiting for the server . GL
  6. Aepvp on march .. forum not online yet as i checked .. you check their fb page tho (Lineage2 aerogaming Reborn)
  7. u can try l2pride.com , its gracia final atm but they will update him to high five , w/o wipe . Its the best pride server u can find atm
  8. The server looks really interesting and as u said in ur post its an updated version of L2 pride . Maybe this project is the update that every player on L2 pride was looking for . Good luck with this . Count me in !