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Which Clan you played (and was the best) ? (server too)

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Frienzl2 X30 , TheBrotherHood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!then u don't play l2!

He has right..actualy l2 is a team game not solo :P|


L2 elite in clan PBT (paybacktime) when it was the only good Greek Clan. (on of the best of the server)

PBT wasnt the best clan ;)

Requiem, Bartz.

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c3 times ---> l2elite 45x : KarantanijaSLO (we were allied with DeathIsEternal and we had all the castles)


c4 times ---> l2vendetta: Remember (Heresy ally) and then i joined Uprising (WinningFormula ally) coz my brother was in too. both allies had all castles FTW.


c5 times ---> well uprising coz i played l2vendetta only as c5 server


c6 aka interlude --> l2dust: Plastic clan, L2sublimity: Revolution, PornStars,..


after that i stoped playing seriously. now i play only for fun.

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