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  1. FFS, make at least a proper pvp server,delete those custom things on element and set it as retail on lv7. Otherwise don't try to answer to everyone's opinion (flame) like those people do.
  2. I doubt that any kind of server needs not a beta , to give a taste to the players what server might be. Anyway Imma join with my clan,its been decided already,the only thing that matters to us is all about the community,how many people your server might gather. Tho,this server seems fine , i hope people will play aswell. GL
  3. Join them today for the ultimate farm,cause there is no pvp around.
  4. I don't care about even one single italian guy Nevertheless there is one milf playing ee named Lilyen which she's making me to start with my cp to this server
  5. LF h5 server with at least 2-4k people, mid or low.
  6. Great server from great admin ! Keep it up and go hard. GL to this awesome server. :good sir: sorry for bringing this to topic but,just sayin,l2 bfp had 2 posts on forum until some hours the server started,and it was with 1.8k real players day/night :not bad: Thats my answer to this,if you want to play you will,if you dont,you will find excuses.
  7. awesome,not fully in english though but seems legit :dat:
  8. Now seriously,what makes you think you wont fail again with your argentino server lawl.
  9. For god shake,i was about to join in that server,but, as soon as i saw this everything changed. As the pall wrote before yes , will end up on attribute bug and unbalanced game.
  10. uhhhhhhhhhhhh my eyes are burned from those customs,can someone kill me ?
  11. True,thats why you wiped off the map from one little greek with your previous server (bfp) , cause you had good protection. Unfurtunately l2 died cause of private servers that opens clearly for donates,receiving money then reopen,until server reaches to the end he will shut it down in order to reopen new and receive more money. Cant blame you,your parents didnt give you enough hugs thats why. No racism to greek players,but this one was retarded enough.
  12. Empty server,failed skill developing,thats fine server got feuture for more 3 or 4 days.
  13. Spends 30 mins to create a perfect-coloured post and only 5 mins to setup the server for only 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks , srv will close and he will ddos other h5 mid rate servers in order to reopen the server. Greeks lately,well played my friend.
  14. 1st server after long ,long time with excluding 81/82/83 skills lmao.
  15. Worst speech i've ever seen thus , with these bufftime on one will play on a high rate server.sorry.
  16. Yeah its not,well call me lier but,having no action on forum few days before the grand opening,seems to me unadvertised and also not even a good-worked properly pack. TBH gl .
  17. The ddos nowadays show us who is small dickhead and who's not.