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  1. Go ig and fight over this :D haha
  2. But the biggest problem servers today have is that there is nothing to do.. Stand in dv wating all day for someone to kill?!
  3. population is increasing but slow, they need to advertise server..
  4. Have Stallone destroyed Linage through its donating servers?! Or do pepole become too comfortable becasue u can donate to everything?! Watch L2Pow server where u can not donate to everything, ppl do not know what to do... If u just want to pcp why not just joni L2gang x1000 or smth?! The allure of the game is gone to farm and pvp with a B grade char while fighting over a farming spot...
  5. Low population becasue ppl cant play w/o donations
  6. Join u facking nabbs if u dare to play w/o your creditcard
  7. Take your time mate we have all night, ive been wating a year for a decent server :P
  8. I checked the pak and it seams very nice this time, CB is awesome nice work guys cu tomorrow
  9. Silver, Pharos and Pow where servers for the players not for Admin wallet.. Stallone ddosed them becasue none where playing at his server.. He cant get ppl to his servers the fair way, he must ddos all other servers to get any ppl to play at his shitty server Nice to have u back, ill be there
  10. So it's like it has been then... that some idiots who do not know how to play L2 destroy att who want to play becasue it's fun Ofc Stallone only need ovh he is the only morron that ddos everyone otherwise noone would play on his server
  11. I have not played for a year now. I got tired of all the idiots who ddos all servers. Is this still going on? Is Stallone's server the only choice?
  12. No its not stalone.. stalone server ppl x 150 this is only x5 so it must be jakk this time :D I haven't visit webpage but i can guess u can donate for anything from start :not bad: