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  1. Tru is L2g-oldschool have frenzy dispell so this wqay is good ;)
  2. Really server is still alive and where is your l2gold.eu? Closed i think....
  3. I try it in L2 C4 OFF server and this exploit dont work...
  4. Hmm its problem cause this old times are wiped and server have new owner! You write about 3-4years back...
  5. really log in now :-) really good server in hopzone have 8rd position in votes but if you dont trust just log! web is www.l2g-oldschool.com
  6. WOW this is really awesome! +1 for you keep your good work onn!
  7. OK From server was removed BAKE ICE old walker again work! Who need old walker for use pm me i will send a link!
  8. Hello i requesting for oog walker for this server i have old oog walker in home all work but if i wanna log to game walker still write"login server time out" who can help me?
  9. Ok dont work but dont care bro :-D can you make walker for L2g-oldskool.com? Do you know this server?
  10. Yep sory for my atack but walker doesnt work still write veryfi fail..