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  1. Are you serious? This is the forums not the game server, and if everyone showed up as the same IP address it would show all accounts on the forum not just 2. Also, that's not even how DDoS protection works, the server on the end can still see your IP address. Only fact here is that you probably shouldn't talk about stuff you have no clue about.
  2. Server is decent but damn those lags, also is server down for 6h+ already or my work internet just doesn't work? edit: ah just realized forum is up, website/game is down...
  3. Server looks interesting but my god those custom zones... how did you come up using CoD when you know the majority of high rate IL players will play archer? Those pyramids / mountain give insane advantage to people on top of them ...
  4. Is it geolocked to Russia only or something? I get an error that says I'm not authorized to use it (in Russian) even with Rus VPN etc XD
  5. Server could've been decent but you pushed the memes so far that it's just a joke server. So yeah if your target audience is 10-14 year old Greek kids you succeeded I guess.
  6. Looks interesting... but kinda low population if you don't put some more effort in advertising I think. Gl
  7. I'll believe this is L2Off when I see it with my own eyes. Feature list is 100% copy/pasta from every java pvp server, I'd be really surprised if you somehow managed to port all of those features to L2off.
  8. How to make sure your server doesn't last for more than a few months: http://i.imgur.com/RTSPR37.png
  9. When I tested both Tower and cracked adr were working ...
  10. edit: since last adr update it's injecting but if you target mob through adr or start bot you instant crash L2.exe with anti bot error
  11. Adrenalin is not working, tested with latest paid version not cracked.
  12. This is the system folder I use atm, it's from NCWest and is unedited https://mega.co.nz/#!N1oTCAYK!SSwrHEmRb02lQ-pYlHhGLgHXWNo3HCx6vB76sMeVALU