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  1. I have read and watched few videos on how to port forward, and did all, but i still cant connect to my own server (1.6). sv_lan is 0 Can anybyody help me out with this? Doesnt look so hard, but im doing something wrong. Thanks
  2. Is there any Aion server that isnt a complete failure and is running 2.7 or 3.0 version of the game?
  3. Hello, i was just wondering if anyone has to recommend any MMO RPG that was released in 2014. Just dont suggest most popular onces. I mean go ahead but trust me i've been searching on youtube and google and didnt have any luck so far, didnt find anything.
  4. So, i've been surfin' through google images and couldnt find any good images regarding 'money can buy happiness' quote. I repeat, CAN buy, not CANT ^^ So what i need is someone who has imagination, is creative, and has will to make the image/picture. - Image (background so called, lets say text is the main 'thing) can be anything concerning money, from simple pile of Euro (preferably) bills to random backgrounds, and when i say random i mean money concerning random (basically you can put a chick on the background, hoe lets say lol, or dunno, few guys sitting in VIP part of an night c
  5. Wondering if anyone can place a picture of a dude to a picture of a car. I'll provide links for pictures of a dude, however you can choose whatever picture of a car you want, whatever you feel comfortable working with, but note that car should be BMW M6 Hamann (google images). Just wondering if anyone's up to. Of course, the picture should look as much as realistic as possible, meaning it should look like the dude is really there, beside the car ^^. Also, if you find a picture you're comfortable working with/on, tell me how should i take a picture of a dude (what position he should be
  6. Gonna check it out if i buy GW2, atm deciding should i pre-order and test stuff out in betas.
  7. So if anyone had a sub before Aion went F2P and doesnt/wont play anymore, let me know. I think you can link another (new) account to your old and get veteran status.
  8. If you had a sub on official earlier (before it went f2p) then there's no point joining this one. But if someone didnt have sub or doesnt have money to pay for Gold Membership on officials, you can play this one i guess. Anyway is this serv still up? Anyone online at all?
  9. Its not free if you want the full features. Just lol at that Gold/Veteran membership. You cant even whisper or trade if you started playing when it went F2P. So pointless to play if you didnt have a sub earlier or have money for gold membership (if its buyable, havent asked anyone about it).
  10. I prefer movies that are made in 2000-2011 period. Tears Of The Sun -> Watched already Black Hawk Down -> Watched already, its nice Jarhead -> Kinda no War factor as in shooting, blood 'n shit if you know what i mean. The Hurt Locker -> Judging by trailer it has no war factor as Jarhead, only defusing some bombs or something like that Battle for Haditha -> Judging by trailer looks crappy Restrepo -> Think i started watching it some time ago, dunno why i stopped, maybe gonna continue Band of Brothers > all of those movies together ^^ lots of known a
  11. Band of Brothers, must watch TV show with 10 episodes about company fought in World War II. Really a must watch. Wish there's more TV shows similar to it, or movies similar to it, but i watched almost every good War related movie.
  12. Watched all Episodes, show is awesome, cant wait for Season 2 Requesting: Action with high technology like Mission Impossible series . If you dont know any with high tech, then anything similar to Mission impossible series.
  13. One of the biggest server (taosty's) fails > AAC not working. Quoting him: "Its a bug so why should i fix it". Not HIS words literally but he said something like that and doesnt want to fix it. I mean for god sakes, its 30% of our damage. P.S Now i find out Signet Silence's dmg is reduced. Nerf sins -beep-ing more Toasty. Who cares if op class is really sorc (if played right).
  14. Nope, not the movie i was thinking of.