WTS QUARANTINE X30 l Full Acc 3 characters Full eq

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I would like to sell my MAIN account with 3 characters on QUARANTINE X30 


- SK 85lvl Nobless:

  Moirai HV set (Boots+4 RAR 360atr, Gloves+3 RAR 360atr, Chest+6 360atr, Gaiters+3 180atr, Helmet+3 180atr)

  Olf T-shirt+4

  Freya Cloak

  Icarus Sawsword+16 Focus 300Wind

  Frinteza Necklace +3

  Vorpal Jew +5/+3/+3/+3

  All Skills Enchated +10/11

  Cert Haste, Spirit, CL 


- Tyrant 85lvl:

  Moirai L set +3

  Vesper Fighter +1 275 Fire

  Vorpal Jew +3

  Mass Skills Enchanted +10/+10


- SPS 80lvl:

  Moirai Robe set +3 900atr

  Icarus Spirit 150


Price : Offer PM


If you have any question feel free to ask 

Contact:  PM  


Payment Option: Bank Transfer  l  PayPal


Thank You 







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