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  1. Sorry I didn’t see your MP ´cause I was absent for long time ...
  2. (I be back !! Sorry for the delay ! )Hello if tout are interested to buy these mount PM me. Enjoy
  3. When I launch it no problem https://ibb.co/hNFRNK But when I type pv in the console ... https://ibb.co/mhZQGe
  4. yes I tried but always the same problem ..
  5. I find the topic but I don't know how create new potion, "cause when I edit the xml potion I don't find how link this item with new face ...
  6. Hello ! I've got a problem with pawnviewer I don't know why I have now 2 windows when I launch it ! https://ibb.co/cuRSx9 Someone know why ?
  7. Hi try to create new facelifting potion with new custom faces but I don't know how to do this. Someone can help me ?
  8. Problem solved by myself https://ibb.co/k31O4p
  9. I try to import new tera online faces into my Lineage 2. But in game all animations of my character are broken ... https://ibb.co/gCXGN9 https://ibb.co/dG9P9p
  10. Hello ! How can I add new face using Facelifting Potion system ? I don't find the .dat to add my new meshes and textures. Thank you
  11. Hello, Is it possible to add staticmesh in Lineage2 H5 Server ? I want to import some house in my server but I don't know how to do this...
  12. Hello,I would like to know how can I hide several armor part (like legs, gloves etc) when I equip a custom complete armor.