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  1. Hello how are you?. I would like to ask a question, can you put a custom item for the player to buy it and after 5 seconds it disappears? How you can try grade D weapons at the grocery shop in the city of giran. Thank you very much
  2. Hello all the community !! I hope they are well, I have a problem that I would like to solve. I would like to know what you would have to configure so that the Community Board does not come out (The poster that appears when the person presses the Alt + B keys). I would like to put this in the majority of servers that shows the message "server offline". thanks
  3. I think it would work as you say, if you could compile the lineagemonster.u in full leaving the lion (changing the strider part only), and leaving the original wyvern * In the strider part put on the line: Mesh = SkeletalMesh'SHEV_LionLord01.SHEV_Lion01 ' PD: I leave you a LineageMonster.u (original, clean). So you have less work and just have to change that line. I really appreciate this! Thanks to the help of NevesOma. I was able to solve the problem, the topic would be closed. Again thank you for the help good man!
  4. First I wanted to thank you for taking the time to help me, I really appreciate it. The bad news is that it keeps showing up wrong :( ... Change the line in the npcgrp file and insert the file that you passed me in system. I wanted to ask you if you can tell me with what program I can edit that line, so as not to disturb you or If you can help me, I would appreciate it, I do not understand much but it could be that in the file that you passed me, are there other lines? I pass you a photo so you can see: this is how it looks: This is his file(maybe those lines above can cause the problem?): this is the lineagemonster.u (can you open the file that I pass to you and just change that line?):
  5. what I need is to leave the pet lion to replace the strider (that works perfect), and I want to leave the original Wyvern. But the problem is that if I leave the Lineagemonster.u that the pet lion brings, the Wyvern bugeado appears invisible. What I suppose is that inside the file lineagemonster.u the line could be changed Mesh = SkeletalMeshSHEV_LionLord01.wyvern_m00 down the line this is how it takes the original Wyrven Mesh = SkeletalMesh'LineageMonsters.wyvern_m00 ' (Here is the file if you can help me, I would appreciate it very much) Lineagemonster.u :
  6. The problem I have is that I get a pet down, which replaces the strider, it works perfectly. the pet reacts and follows the character, can be mounted. Only the problem is in the Lineagemonster.u file. What it asks me to replace with the original, what it does is that when I take out the Wyvern it crashes and doesn't move, as the photo shows, what I'm trying to do is edit that .u file ... But I can't Find a program to do it, I only have the viewer and I can only edit if I export in .uc format. Change line to original Wyvern, but can't change file. I don't know if I explained you well Here are the images: This is what the dragon looks like when I ride it: This is the npcgrp file: the program to see inside lineagemonster.u: I can edit it by opening it with Sublime:
  7. Hello, how are you? I was looking through the forum and found nothing ... I would like to fix the Wyvern that is inside the Lineagemonster.u file ... I think I managed to edit, and export the file called wyvern, but I don't know how to put it back inside lineagemonster.u ... I also can't edit things inside Lineagemonster.u .. I wanted to ask what program or tool should I use to modify things inside lineagemonster.u ... Thank you very much