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  1. This pack it is not free, as owner inform "I've changed protection, and new dll will ask you for new key, send me an email with your licensename/old key and new HWID, and i'll give you new serial key. my email: vanganth@hotmail.com". So is there any free c6 or latter pack with all the files for free?
  2. Server is very good and most of GM's are reasonable and not some no brains teenergs, but as hapend in the most of the game that have GM, some one has no brain . And when he is one of 2 Admins of server , that it is not good. As i say the server is good, but u will not find Justice in there, even if u donate every month 60-80 euro and not just to get items, but to support server, in the end u will get baned. Becouse admin ego is more important then Justice, even in a game that is for fun.
  3. kai gt na mhn mhrzw mono l2.ini pou exw tropopoihsh me ta dika mou stoixeia?, Den nomhzw na einai mono ayto, P.X. ta "costum" pws ta pernoun oi players? Btw where is the right section?
  4. Eftiaksa 2 l2j server kai ebala ta npc kai olla osa h8ela sto database alla... To "system" folder pws to kataskeyazoume oste na to dwsoume stous players san "download" me ta npc, ktl pou ftaksei?
  5. Nice job i have this error for sql file. [Err] 1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 [Err] REPLACE INTO `npc` VALUES(555, 18544, 'Buffer', 1, 'Edited by Z!T!oN', 1, 'LineageNpcEV.trap_ironcastle', '8', '24', 85, 'male', 'L2Npc', 40, '680', '1820', '0.00', '0.00', 40, 43, 30, 21, 20, 20, 0, 0, 14, 101400, 6, 307525, 230, 0, 333, 0, 0, 0, 0, 27, 120, 0, 0, 1); [Msg] Finished - Unsuccessfully -------------------------------------------------- if you ave any idea, pls help
  6. paidia thelo na rotiso pia einai i diafora se ola afta k pio einai to kalitero? L2Server L2JFree L2JArchid L2JOfficial L2Matrix L2JIce k kati akoma, ta SVN mporo na ta trekso apo to eclipse, ta Timeline den mporo, mipos mporei na mou eksigisi kapios pos na trekso k ta Timeline?
  7. eksartate k apo ton server pou paizis, p.x. sto l2 smiles pou exo paiksi o tyrant einai ftw, ala se pio low rate server o titan nai kaliteros :D