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    aka Xyber
  1. Hello, Thanks for credits, here is 0.5 version: http://www.4shared.com/rar/gr2ec4e_/npc_buffer_by_myxoske_ver05.html
  2. Thanks for share, i love C5 Lobby :) Good work
  3. Now i working on version for IL ;p All weekend i will be with out computer, please be patient :D Berserker is in Prophet Specials. And for future, stop talking what i must to do. Don't use CAPS LOCK and learn word 'please'
  4. Wait for version 0.6, i will add support for other chronicles :)
  5. Sure, I will make version 0.6, be patient :D If you have any ideas to new version, write here ^^
  6. You can make it on your own, but pls don't remove the credits
  7. 23/06/09 - Update to ver. 0.5 + Added Summons Buffs + Added Berserker Spirit + Added function "Cancel Buffs"
  8. 20/06/09 - Update to ver. 0.4 + Added Warsmith Buffs + Added Overlord Buffs + Added Siren's Dance
  9. 19/06/09 - Update to ver. 0.3 + Added Warcryer Buffs + Added Eva's Saint Buffs + Repaired Magic Barrier Buff + Added alternative SQL