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  1. ! Hello ! ! Im selling Adena and Donation Coins on H5 x50 ! Adena: 1kkk - 1e (10kkk in stock) Donation Coins: 1DC - 0.09e (750 in stock) Update EveryDay Payment Method : PayPal / Bank Transfer Contact Priv UP +
  2. Im Selling my Acc : - BP 81 lvl : - Archamge 81 lvl - Soutlaker 81 lvl MJ Robe Set, Tallum Robe Set, DC Robe set, BW Robe Set, Hats(+1CON +1MEN / +1DEX +1WIT), Water Pendant+8, EARTH Belt, Ferios Cloak +9, Aden Cloak +8, SOES +0 +Agu, SOES +3 +Agu, Elemental Sword +Agu, 2x Bracelet Duty 4lvl, 2x Talisman Fate 4lvl, Warrior Talisman 7 Days, 1200+ Rusty Coins, 3x Dye +4/-3, Adena 2bilion+ , Aghations+3(Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo), MJ Jew Set, EVERYTHING - 25euro Any questions feell free to ask PM
  3. I would like to sell my MAIN account with 3 characters on QUARANTINE X30 : - SK 85lvl Nobless: Moirai HV set (Boots+4 RAR 360atr, Gloves+3 RAR 360atr, Chest+6 360atr, Gaiters+3 180atr, Helmet+3 180atr) Olf T-shirt+4 Freya Cloak Icarus Sawsword+16 Focus 300Wind Frinteza Necklace +3 Vorpal Jew +5/+3/+3/+3 All Skills Enchated +10/11 Cert Haste, Spirit, CL - Tyrant 85lvl: Moirai L set +3 Vesper Fighter +1 275 Fire Vorpal Jew +3 Mass Skills Enchanted +10/+10 - SPS 80lvl: Moirai Robe set +3 900atr Icarus Spirit 150 Price : Offer PM If you have any question feel free to ask Contact: PM Payment Option: Bank Transfer l PayPal Thank You
  4. Great, thank you for taht. Also what you think about L2saga and Beyond ? 2.9 is good ?
  5. Hello, Im looking for any of Good L2 Classic Server Could you Recommend some please. Thank you
  6. same s4it like others, unfortunatelly there are no a lot of good server lists... true server lists
  7. Same me, if you resolve it let me know please