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  1. If anyone have this CORRE animation of foi link it ty
  2. kathese kai grafeis na to kanoume edit les kai ama kserame de tha to kaname
  3. Any interface for classic at least to remove heal and noblesse in debuff , it's weird i cant find anything , if anybody have please share or link ,ty ! I would appreciate
  4. There is no auto elixirs on this interface or you can do them auto with some way
  5. Can anyone link me this interface ?
  6. The party bar is bigger than this it's shows on the picture or it's just my idea
  7. gracia final and interlude so i think so on every chronicle , maybe its not on all games , cause on cs and have that problem its works fine on full screen
  8. Hello , i can play l2 on windowed mode , but when i try to full screen it with alt + enter , it not responding , just stucking , anybody knows where is the problem or how to fix this , if somebody knows , contact me , ty
  9. maybe there is a way to view it on pvp like on interlude with some archive...can you tell me at least how this archive called on interlude interface's patches?
  10. I need to know if its possible with some way to view the hp of enemy on pvp like on interlude with interface