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Advertising Services En/ru/latin (+18 Hot Videos For Your Servers)

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26A0.png Hello MxC users. In this topic I show you my advertise options 26A0.png

1) Advertise on VK groups, pages. (Russian players) 2705.png

2) Advertise on Facebook groups. (Latin / EU players) 2705.png

3) Advertise on skype 2705.png

4) Translate text from russian to english and from english to russian 2705.png

5) Add private server to the EU / Russian / Latin announce forums 2705.png

6) Imitate the mass activity on your forum (So new players will see, you have not dead forum) 2705.png

7) Video with cute girls and your server's logo D83DDD1E.png

8 ) Increase votes on vote sites: L2top.ru / la2t.ru / game100rus.com 2705.png

9) Any function you need 2705.png


10) Translating your Server to Russian Chat/Skills and more (Client Interlude)  2705.png New



11) Make a speacial event "Repost in VK" (Players will share Your server in VK.com) //VK = Russian Facebook. Every L2 player use it = Price Via PM/Skype  New


12) Ads Your private server on VK groups: 100 posts - Price Via PM/Skype. 300 posts = Price Via PM/Skype 1000 posts = Price Via PM/Skype 5000 posts = Price Via PM/Skype    New

13)  Ads Your private server on a famous VK group (more then 33k followers, about 5k visitors per day) - more info (screenshots with group activity in skype) 
 Ads Your private server on the VK page (5k+ subscribers) [famouse russian l2 person]  New





Video, with hot models and Your server's name (Examples - PM). There are 3 types of videos:
  - Simple video: Model keep in hands paper with your server's name.
  - Body-Art: If you wish, model can type any text on her body.
  - Voice-effect: Model will say in Russian some words about your server (pretty voice)



And much more if You need anything


HOT ) Video Preview D83DDD1E.png








New Videos

















Contacts: Celestine.mxc D83DDCCC.png

Payment Methods: Paypal / QIWI D83DDCB5.png

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Trusted and helpful person:)


Thanks a lot for your kind of words :) for anything feel free to pm me and i will help you))

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Thanks a lot for your kind of words :) for anything feel free to pm me and i will help you))

ofc i will but atm im not playing l2 im botting  at Hearthstone cuz boring:D

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Great Service ,fast-skilfull-trustfull  . Highly recomend to anyone ,  wide range of skills  - dont hesitate to ask for anything might help you with it. Will definatelly will work now and in future! THANKS! (translated webiste from en to ru  + all sytem and some npc en to ru and fixing all the problemas along)

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