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  1. thats why im showing you how b roar works but as i see your iq is less than normal. some tips for you. try b roar augment on ic set + bless body + con dye + health weapon on 30% hp.
  2. say what? should i teach ya how b roar works? hawkeye with x2 dm crit 2.2-2.4
  3. joined 2 days ago for some oly fights, its nice to see that kind of high rate pvp servers and actually has big amount of players for an eu server. good luck to staff.
  4. 1week max for all those options, thats la2 accept it.
  5. reuploaded cause of music credits
  6. as i told you before its kinda nice idea but cant be in this age of la2. la2 nowdays its very simple, find a server where most cps goes log there farm max 2 days not even try hard and then log just for epics nothing else.
  7. good idea but you should post it 10 years ago.
  8. "perfect" for eu cps, yeah gotta agree on this. 01:00 GMT+2 am QA plus random window plus pvp duration goes aroun -2:00+ am , indeed.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CU5LmEX6N8&t=81s Antharas: Respawn +2 Day (17:00 - 17:15hrs) GMT -4 Baium: Respawn +2 Day (18:00 - 18:15hrs) GMT -4 Valakas Respawn +2 Day (19:00 - 19:15hrs) GMT -4 Queen ant Respawn +1 Day (20:00 - 20:15hrs) GMT -4 Frintezza Respawn +2 Day (21:00 -21:15hrs) GMT -4 Orfen Respawn +1 Day (22:00 - 22:15hrs) GMT -4 Core Respawn +1 Day (23:00 - 23:15hrs) GMT -4 Zaken Respawn +1 Day (00:00hrs) GMT -4 Clan Boss Respawn 2-3 Hours Raid Boss Respawn 1-2 Hours PvP Boss Respawn 2-3 Hours Grand Boss Respawn 8-12 Hours good luck with that GMT-4
  10. propably ill be there since admin is treshak, pame ligo rot kar
  11. server was pretty nice last year.
  12. here you can see even the corruption on this BR clan.
  13. read main topic, already i ve told ya that you can dupe items via strider, if you need an tutorial search on youtube
  14. try to close windows defender and it will, kinda easy.
  15. just check my buffs spell force lvl 3 battle force lvl 3 there are more but im not gonna share, good things are for my self only.