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  1. Want to sell the fallowing on Gamecoast x3 Supporters: 79 Wc all skills learned with karmian set (including mail) = 60 euro 78 Bd with bw heavy set (including mail) = 30 euro 78 Sws with bw heavy set (including mail) = 30 euro buy all tree supporters for better price Items: 2x +10 bop = 40 euro or offer 1x +9 bop = 30 euro or offer 1x +11 emi bow = 20 euro or offer
  2. Link for updater on site are broken to , same as your forum that are over spammed , server dead?
  3. Cant even enter the server with the patch on your webpage?
  4. 41 DA = 10 Euro = Sold 41 SOC = 10 Euro 46 HE = 15 Euro = Sold 48 SE = 20 Eur = Sold All accounts with 26 days sub
  5. Looking for some Adena on Ketrawars x1 server , pm with your asking price.
  6. Dont know what was wrong with my files buy THANKS alot for the help mate, works like a charm now.
  7. Thanks for all the help, all above done and no luck. Weird thing is if i skip the extender it loades up fine :O Heres the log files , i cant manage to take a print scrn when l2npc are loaded since it craches to fast
  8. Tryed both with and without your l2npc, it runs fin on the original files but when i load your extender l2npc crasch l2server
  9. Hey Server runs fin until i try to start npc server then it crash ? ive upload logs files if anyone can find the problem?
  10. Wtb 40ish BD and SWS on Skelth. Pm with offers. Payment with Adena or Paypal
  11. Might be so , but vang have ended the dev on his source and handed over it to AdvExt
  12. Cant rly get that the mods dont ban this scum, hes still running adds on the forum.!
  13. Nick: Jeezie Bought a PP from him on Skelth, never deliver it after payment.
  14. Looking for a 40++ PP on skelth , please no dream prices. Pm here on the bord with your price and level.
  15. As title say, we offer adena and power level of your char on dawn. On request we can hand level a char for you from 0 to wanted level. PM here on forum for more detail and price
  16. We got stock one 1kk = 10 euro Payment: Paypal