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  1. Hi, As the title says, I am selling chars and adena (1€/1kk) on l2 Etina. The chars I actually have are 1 necromancer 64 25€, 1 SE 56 15€ (independent email). I accept middle man but you pay him. If you are interested, pm or add me on discord: DoNotDisturb#3703
  2. Nice game! 5 stars for you. Congratulations
  3. Correct, some guys of my cp were banned due a manual report
  4. I am selling adena fast and at a good price (1€/kk) on l2 reborn, I also have some chars. If you are interested pm or add me on discord: DoNotDisturb#3703
  5. As tittle says, I am selling adena in l2 Reborn ---> Mininum purchase 50kk. If you are interested, send me a private message. Regards,