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  1. Want to sell the fallowing on Gamecoast x3 Supporters: 79 Wc all skills learned with karmian set (including mail) = 60 euro 78 Bd with bw heavy set (including mail) = 30 euro 78 Sws with bw heavy set (including mail) = 30 euro buy all tree supporters for better price Items: 2x +10 bop = 40 euro or offer 1x +9 bop = 30 euro or offer 1x +11 emi bow = 20 euro or offer
  2. Link for updater on site are broken to , same as your forum that are over spammed , server dead?
  3. Cant even enter the server with the patch on your webpage?
  4. 41 DA = 10 Euro = Sold 41 SOC = 10 Euro 46 HE = 15 Euro = Sold 48 SE = 20 Eur = Sold All accounts with 26 days sub
  5. Looking for some Adena on Ketrawars x1 server , pm with your asking price.
  6. Dont know what was wrong with my files buy THANKS alot for the help mate, works like a charm now.
  7. Thanks for all the help, all above done and no luck. Weird thing is if i skip the extender it loades up fine :O Heres the log files , i cant manage to take a print scrn when l2npc are loaded since it craches to fast
  8. Tryed both with and without your l2npc, it runs fin on the original files but when i load your extender l2npc crasch l2server
  9. Hey Server runs fin until i try to start npc server then it crash ? ive upload logs files if anyone can find the problem?
  10. Wtb 40ish BD and SWS on Skelth. Pm with offers. Payment with Adena or Paypal