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  1. UPDATER https://mrave20.deviantart.com/gallery/  

  2. Images randomly don't load

    Well, this is a global forum problem. Try to click "Edit" (Your first post) and simply - by even NOT doing any changes - click "Edit topic" (to save) and the images will be there up and working... Idk what is causing that problem, but console shows the: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Temporarily Unavailable) for imageproxy.php. To be fair tho, I think that our reports are like "voice crying in the wilderness" - no one cares...
  3. UPDATER https://mrave20.deviantart.com/gallery/ 

  4. Reporting GamePsychology for being Racist

    Well, ppl bitching about me beeing racist while ANSWERING to this tard. Yet no one seems to care about his post and "manners" :D I've reported that post. Nothing happened :|
  5. Images randomly don't load

    It's not the host, I use 2 hosts + my logo has link from maxcheaters, and it doesn't load as well... I didn't changed images, but after the forum update, they started to act like that - randomly don't work... So it's not the host.
  6. Hey Does anyone else has this strange problem where images don't load? Random images on users topics don't load, instead, the image link-name is shown, like this: http://prntscr.com/hl9wci Is this forum issue or is it just me?
  7. Doesnt it work on L2JBrasil ? I know I saw it on one forum - some kind of restriction that only author can give +1 (or a beer :D) to other user for help, but on the other hand, only autr can recive rep point for sharing and such. I guess SweeTs have a good point too - there is no need for random "thank You". I guess the rep system can work standalone for only authors - ppl who create and share stuff and only at first post of the topic.
  8. It's not about fights, it's about false feedback - why ppl should give themself +1 rep in Spam Section? Random posts with idiotic meaning. Reputation System should be an award for ACTIVE members of the community, not random trolls posting stupid links. If "Feedback System" is good for users who sells theirs works then "Reputation System" should be available ONLY for Authors - who shares stuff, and NOT for trolls who gives each other +1 becuase they shit on other ppl posts. Do You know what I mean? If Maxtor want to keep this Rep System and the numbers of +'s should mean something, then he need to give this system a proper fix. If "Feedback System" is for sellers, then "Reputation System" is for active members - so as I've saide, it should be BASED on Authors and theirs topics. Autor can recive Rep Points (but only at first post on the topic), and only Authors can give Rep Point (one per topic) to "thank" someone for help. PERIOD.
  9. EN aVVe Dumbass

    ^ You just proved You are so full of shit :D Didn't read the topic, yet bitching just because I'm here <3 I'm honored ^^