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  1. What's the point of sharing something in 2019? The community is toxic, criticism and people who just "grab and make money". No worth it. Oh and let's no forget this AlmostGood trash who sit 10 years in this forum crying for others.
  2. Mou exei prixei. Xwrise me ton diko tis, me eprize na tis dwkw to tilefwno sou na se parei, meta ta xanabrikan. 3 ebdomades me parakalage :/ (gia ti dikia m katerina milaw). Kai bale zebra grid etsi opos to ekanes dixni xirotero k apo to bot - maxtor pou copiari to allo forum :'(
  3. Θες το background που εφτιαξα για το CB σου? Στο κανω δωρο :'( Αν κ μετα τοσο πρηξιμο που μου εριξε η κατερινα "Θελω να μιλησω ξανα στον Σταυροοο που ειναιιιιι" επρεπε να σε χρεωσω :'(
  4. [GR] Σταυρουκο βαλε ομως καμια διαχωριστη γραμμη η μαυρο bg στο ενα no bg στο αλλο γιατι φαινεται μονοτονο. Επισης μπραβο βλεπω εχεις μαθει αρκετα πραγματα :'( [/GR]
  5. It's implemented already with configuration
  6. Thanks. Don't think 100e is high for such a work.
  7. It's not about the name. It's a good engine tho. I improve it everyday.
  8. @leonardoll174 There is a misunderstanding here, wrong guy, This guy said about the 44e and i thought its you and i got mad cause it felt like you try steal.
  9. Thank you for your kind words. V-ray will be a standard event engine from now and on to all owners of Lineage 2 community so i'm glad to see that the first impressions are positive. Regarding the mobius thats not a topic to talk about. People want fafurion and only mobius have it so yes it has lots of missing features and bugs but its the only solution else you pick l2scripts which is super expensive.
  10. It work in all packs. L2j, frozen, aCis, mobius e.t.c If you guys want pm me with your skype for further info.
  11. @Maxtor Μπραβο για τα post που κανεις ασχετος που ειναι copy paste.
  12. Thanks appreciate a lot. I'm planning to make this a "must" event engine for all owners who want to open a server and need an event system. In ensure you in terms of quality it's top.
  13. Do not be concerned since everything has been dropped. I just kept the style of phoenix, no the code itself.
  14. I can make such a system for 50e. The 20e you offer is way too low.