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  1. Either the MapRegionManager return null cause it cannot find the region which is weird, unless you're in a custom map (Which is not included i guess) OR the target of the event is null (which most unlikely). Do a null check in target like if (event.getTarget() == null) { //Print message here to confirm is null return null; } If the MapRegionManager return null region and you're not on a custom region then throw your pack in the garbage as i already see is downloaded L2ro.
  2. /** * @author Kara */ public class YourClass { public Object onPlayerPvPKill(OnPlayerPvPKill event) { final L2PcInstance activeChar = event.getActiveChar(); if (!activeChar.isGM()) { final String msg = MapRegionManager.getInstance().getMapRegion(activeChar).getName() + ": " + (activeChar.getKarma() > 0 ? Config.ANNOUNCE_PK_MSG : Config.ANNOUNCE_PVP_MSG).replace("$killer", activeChar.getName()).replace("$target", event.getTarget().getName()); if (Config.ANNOUNCE_PK_PVP_NORMAL_MESSAGE) { Broadcast.toAllOnlinePlayers(SystemMessage.getSystemMessage(SystemMessageId.S1).addString(msg)); } else { Broadcast.toAllOnlinePlayers(msg, false); } } return null; } }
  3. [GR] Σκουπιδι συνεχισε να κανεις abuse το like system[/GR]
  4. Seriously i feel sad for your girlfriend. Girlfriend: What's wrong, why are you sad? Tryskell: Sweetheart, we need to have a short conversation... *After universe big crunch* Girlfriend: I don't feel so well Mr. Tryskell...
  5. I made him an offer 50.20€. He negotiate for the 0.20€.
  6. Do something useful with your life and quit this shit like i did. Move on, mind your own stuff and ignore em Trust me it will be the best option in few months they will disappear.
  7. 1. I never said i'm studying quantum physics. (Read books yes). About medicine i did 2 years due to my ex who was surgeon 2. Trump is powerful person so thanks for the compliment. Mantosh you're the best person i love you... All of sudden you have PC :'( ?
  8. You think is hard to confirm that you have no social life? Anime lover, sitting all day in a forum, bad character. I have a full image of your character. Anyway enough time i wasted for a pixel of the internet. Last time you see me respond to you or anyone else. it's my fault for responding to online people as if it's real life.
  9. Why you waste your time with this poor thing? He spend 24h/day watching anime. Imagine him being 24-25 years old with a face like that and having anime photos all over the forum... No social life. @Nightwolf Just to prove you how immature low IQ kid he is when he get downvoted he cry and report: But now he downvote my comments for no reason he laugh. Imma find his Facebook soon from common people and show you his face to confirm that he is a child.
  10. You got "raped" so hard in previous report that you locked it. At least 7 people Pm'ed me on skype and said GJ you owned him and a greek client even called me to say congrats for the respond toward a sheep like you. I know staff don't give a shit for me as i don't give for em (this is how things work) this is why i look my own business. Also it's not if he is my friend or not, you're just amateur and very poor in your real life to have an attitude like this.
  11. Pointless. I did that in past and it got locked by the own reported member who got owned by my texts
  12. Im not rude toward you, in fact i love you.
  13. Nobody is against me. If you think i'm lying you have my skype, add me and i'll contact you (group chat, or share screen) with at least 10-15 people i work - worked in past 2 months and ask em about me. Except 1 Greek guy who will say "im kind of delaying and he is right", others will say everything is perfect. The problem with them is that they don't care for maxcheaters. Whenever i ask them if they are VIP to give me a feedback they respond "I would pay this shit forum not even a single peni". The people who "hate me" are the same people who spam 5 years now and downvote my comments. These people are in the forum thats why. In past i did some shit code and some bad services but nowaday except xdem and Elfo (who i don't consider active dev's since they don't do) i'm the best in java services in this forum. Want proof? Ask this stupid StinkyMadness to write an AI bot system engine in 2 days as i did with the same realism i made. He can't. The code he sell are shared but 3 of the 200 clients i had complained to him about me (as he claim) so 3 people are the god! the rest 197 are shit. I don't have problem with this trashy stinkymadness he is nothing to this forum and he proved that he is a drama queen by downvoting my comment like a bitch, i used to talk to him nicely months ago until a client told me that he trashtalk behind me back and i believed him for some reason. Conclusion. Stinky can't reach my knowledge and my client's. No matter how many downvote he do, no matter how many times he will say "people complain on me about you" he will always be lower in terms of developer and the client. In my life i had over 1,000 people and he barely had 30. The funny thing is that 3 months ago i provoked that kiddo to increase his prices cause he was selling html for 5 euro and i tried to help him. The funnier thing is that he believed i don't know know to do html design. Kids can't understand that i'm trying to help even the bitch Designatix once i sended him a client of mine and he made at least 50 euro for few min of work and i would send him again but im not in mood. The only person right now that i can communicate is the bitch NightwolfNoobPhPWannabeL2jHellasOwnerXdemHater, i try send him client's who request PHP e.t.c. But the problem is not me, the problem is the "closed circle" of maxcheaters apart by 5-7 people (Maxtor, Designatix, Loftheim, Stinkymadness e.t.c) who simply don't like me and continue this drama till today. But the forum is dead so i shouldn't complain. The only active people is me, few other wannabe WTS, some brazil and some trolls but sure Kara` is the problem. Their brain is very low to understand that the whole situation is based on math and statistic. If you have worked for 100 client the chance that 3-4 of them will be unpleased and choose to move to other dev and trashtalk behind your back is big. These 3-4 are the max stinkymadness will get in the whole month so he can create an image about the quality of my services. HF now and don't believe any of their shit. They sit all day in a forum and they are 24-30 years old what u expect? In real life they are kittens in forum they are tigers RAWR rofl I didn't read. Can't bend my head so low to see you sorry mate :)
  14. Don't bring maxtor into our chat. We both know you're 0 compared to me in programming knowledge (yet your mouth is big). In the end, half kiddos like you grew up because of my tutorials :) also continue downvote my comments to prove my point that you're a butthurt kiddo