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  1. looking very promising, and i hope you guys can keep this server going for a long time. Looking forward to play there.
  2. Tallum Heavy Set DC Robe Set Majestic Heavy Set 200kk Adena Tallum Glaive +SA Destro 78
  3. Im not angry at all. I just dont get how they can let so much potential go to waste. Last time i logged was 3 weeks ago. I doubt the population tripled during that time. Theres a big server that is going to have many ppl quit now and guess how many clans are going to shrine....none. Its not even on the radar. You might be happy with a population of less then 100 players but im not and neither is 90% of the l2 community. So without further discussions i wish the best of luck to shrine and its playerbase. If low population is not a concern to you then shrine is the best server out there. Period.