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  1. Adena 1.3kk = 1eur 100kk stock Blue wolf heavy set Blue wolf light set Blue wolf robe set B duals +5 ( not top B) Kesh + focus Koka 55+ Few type of cloaks ( Regen+pve) WC , SE , BD , SWS , Spoiler , Crafter . 62+ EE / Phantom sum 52 All the chars got Premium account. Pm for specific info/time left. This is "new" account w/o any selling history / reputation. If u find this post not trustworthy we can use middleman services but YOU pay for it. My "posts" from previous account : https://maxcheaters.com/topic/224116-na-talking-island-chars-items-adena-15-usd/ https://maxcheaters.com/topic/228627-l2elixir-items-adena-epics-chars/ I no longer have access to the account because my "friend" changed the password, however ill share one of the discord group we used for trades in the past. Im also still using the same discord so u can know its me :P You can find us here: https://discord.gg/cNNMWuc or jghphhhf #7820 If u want fast awnser/info use the discord link. I only check here once per day while on discord we have atleast 1 guy active almost 100% of the time. PAYPAL ONLY!
  2. Trusted seller from previous servers. Fast,clear and safe trades. Highly recommended!