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  1. Adena 1eur=2.5kk 100kk stock Blue wolf heavy set Blue wolf light set Blue wolf robe set B duals +5 ( not top B) Kesh + focus Koka 55+ Few type of cloaks ( Regen+pve) ALL items really cheap WC , SE , BD , SWS , Spoiler , Crafter . 63-65 lvl 10 euros EE / Phantom sum 52 5 euros All the chars got Premium account. er ill share one of the discord group we used for trades in the past. Im also still using the same discord so u can know its me :P You can find us here: or jghphhhf #7820 If u want fast awnser/info use the discord link. I only check here once per day while on discord we have atleast 1 guy active almost 100% of the time. PAYPAL ONLY!
  2. Trusted seller from previous servers. Fast,clear and safe trades. Highly recommended!
  3. Fully trusted and very fast replies on questions,updates and payments.Dont hesitate
  4. hello. a new x100 interlude server with 8k online opened yesterday. is there anyone who knows if any bot is working in there? ^^ server site is
  5. if u find something please inform us too ^^
  6. we are all looking. from my experience on bfdr. IG walker 1.52 could work only from all IG walkers but i cant find it at all
  7. searching for a walker to work on . i used to have a working walker in there,the 1.52 edition but i cant find it anymore. can someone help?