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  1. cover 78 ( gate chant +) + other goodies , pm if interested (cannot send u PM for soem reason)
  2. why would u run a server when u have 0 knowledge about the game whatsoever? most common and most preffered is Interlude
  3. Major arcana set - SOLD Draco set SOLD DC ROBE SET +6 TALLUM HEAVY SET + 6 Tallum heavy set 20e DC Robe set 15e Ant Queen 30e (1 left) Zaken 25e Baium 50e Valakas 100e ARCANA MACE ACU 20e DRACO BOW FOCUS 20e MORE S WEAPONS - PM MORE A GRADE SETS - PM TTS SET JEWELS FOR HIGH LEVEL CHARS ASK ON PM ( WC/EVERY SUPPORT/DDs + MORE ) CONTACTS VIA PM HERE ONLY PAYPAL ONLY
  4. Adena 1eur=2.5kk 100kk stock Blue wolf heavy set Blue wolf light set Blue wolf robe set B duals +5 ( not top B) Kesh + focus Koka 55+ Few type of cloaks ( Regen+pve) ALL items really cheap WC , SE , BD , SWS , Spoiler , Crafter . 63-65 lvl 10 euros EE / Phantom sum 52 5 euros All the chars got Premium account. er ill share one of the discord group we used for trades in the past. Im also still using the same discord so u can know its me :P pm here If u want fast awnser/info use the discord link. I only check here once per day
  5. Trusted seller from previous servers. Fast,clear and safe trades. Highly recommended!
  6. Fully trusted and very fast replies on questions,updates and payments.Dont hesitate
  7. hello. a new x100 interlude server with 8k online opened yesterday. is there anyone who knows if any bot is working in there? ^^ server site is
  8. if u find something please inform us too ^^
  9. we are all looking. from my experience on bfdr. IG walker 1.52 could work only from all IG walkers but i cant find it at all
  10. searching for a walker to work on . i used to have a working walker in there,the 1.52 edition but i cant find it anymore. can someone help?