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  1. So if l2.world is not your server so why you advertise this server? You helping them or why you write topics in forums about this server start?
  2. This server owner Skylord. l2mid = l2.world 3-5 days and server empty. Go l2cleaver
  3. He is scamer, dont give him cards. i got scamed for 10 eur.
  4. L2eu.com start is true reason why you open server 1 week later. All players ho was waiting l2mid start they no playing in l2eu, if you think they will quit game and come back to your server after 1 week you are wrong.
  5. becouse when you exit game your char will be online all time. Thats why you can see many players in towns, they are all offline.
  6. Worst EU server (l2mid) in Assosiation with most corrupted RU server (euro-pvp) OMG :DDD
  7. Many players bcs when you exit game your char still will be online all the time, so thats why you can see in towns many players. Active players 50-100 in this server.
  8. https://www.oplata.info/asp2/pay_wm.asp?id_d=1737864&agent=417748 10USD cost gg
  9. Thanks but we dont need more servers, i think soon will be more servers than players, becouse every month starting xxxxx new servers :D
  10. its l2blaze server, same owner.