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  1. Hello, I am selling @everyone advertising on the largest Lithuanian Lineage 2 Discord community channel. This is a great advertisement to inform the Lithuanian Lineage 2 players and clan leaders about your starting server for 1500 people who will receive an notification about your server start. Discord Channel Members Count: 1500 Online Members in the evenings: 250-300 Skype: relaxtive Discord: Topinis#3878
  2. GRAND OPENING: 2020-10-30 L2GOLD.ORG REMASTERED X45 Our team is pleased to welcome you to the new stage of the L2GOLD project and is ready to share information about future plans. L2Gold Changed alot! Our L2Classic platform will take place with every new features and Areas! Pure Game Play , Pure Lineage2! Information: Exp/SP: x45 Adena: x50 Drop: x10 Spoil: x10 Quest Drop: Disabled Quest Reward: Disabled Manor: Disabled Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Server Platform: Official PTS Files Maximum Clients per PC: 3 Buff slots: 26 (No D
  3. They are opening Pandora to after 2 weeks :)
  4. Hello, i`m offering Discord private message advertise in Lineage 2 channels. It`s most effective advertise method at this moment. If you want to send mass private messages with your advertise text contact me. Skype: relaxtive Discord: Topinis#3878
  5. Hello Elfocrash do you know solution how i can fix this problem?
  6. Hello thanks for help, maybe you know where i can buy that proxy?
  7. Hello thanks for help, maby you know where i can buy that proxy?
  8. Hello, dedicated server located in Germany. Latin America players have delay 200-300 ms. Is there any why to fix this problem for them? (I know that there is programs like Battleping and others, but i want to fix delay from server side).
  9. Just create new directory /root/login/log/ and add there clean stdout.log file.
  10. I made screen shot, and i will put this screen shot at next l2mid server start. When you will lick skylordska ass, and write in his topic: top serber eune.
  11. Why you come to this server every time if you know that after 1 week this server will be empty? They pay you every time to join this server?
  12. Server again dead after 1 week. LOL
  13. As i said that there was no chances to start that server.
  14. Beyond will take down this server. Giran.Online don`t have any chances to start this server.
  15. You saw that there was no interest in your project. Its because you wipe your server every month.
  16. Last wipe server was dead after 1 week.