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  1. Eheheheh that picture. For now I have trouble to make it work :X I updated with new dll and .ini but it just ''log'' over CacheD with some log blue line when I log my character :X Maybe I compiled old files I will recheck properly, also I carefully checked my table and yes it is there :) Was it :) Would it be possible to have a ''black list'' feature? Like being unable to send mail to a certain character ? Forbid an user to send an mail ? (I would personally use it to forbid one character to receive mail, the one I use just to send Dimensional Item. Also the way your dbo.po
  2. Pretty neat :) If you more than this one feel free to share any time ~
  3. I agree what an helpful person, I totally recommend him !
  4. Hi, Seem it use Delphi and same source than I based mine of (I converted source from Delphi 7 to Rad studio 10.1) you could try to change few options to make it much better here my suggestion :) 1 : Disable ''Transparent'' over black or any color that just ugly. (see next suggestion why) https://i.imgur.com/thYodPe.png 2 : Enable GlassFrame (It allow PNG to have Alpha !) https://i.imgur.com/urmBbeE.jpg 3 : Option button put it few pixel to left with some margin from the Close button (Mistake can easly happen) 4 : In Game Settings Add 2 Buttons for Apply and Close that weird t
  5. Hi, I have seen you have made some change about mail system, do you accept suggestion about it ? If yes check spoiler :
  6. Well tonight for me (in around 3/4 hours) i will make a proper UKX/UTX with this editor and show the result :) And I will provide both ukx/utx and critical here so you will be able get what wrong I hope :)
  7. hm, What is that ''tool''? I can not seem to find it when I search for elfocrush in this forum ^^ edit : Ah I think I found it, it was elfocrash and not crush :)
  8. Hi, I come ask because maybe I just miss something really oblivious. When I try to save UTX/UKX with L2Editor it does save properly but it became unreadable by the game. Also when I create material, like TexEnvMap it just crash UnrealEngine is this normal or something is wrong with my download L2Editor ? I am using Lineage 2 - Epilogue client and it was doing the same on Gracia Final. Thank you for you help it would help me to save ton of time :) PS : I tried to encrypt with encdec but it seem to do the same
  9. Hi, I can't seem to make it work with UKX/UTX Do they have to be saved then encrypted in any method? Right now I used an unreal engine that would save it directly fine with Gildor patch (just not open) What I try to achieve is to load a UKX add a mesh and save and there it just wont load in game same for utx. So I tried to encrypt it but same it does not load. (why I do not want to use gildor is that I have to redo all animation notify each time I open my UKX D: )
  10. Ah yes seem my header.txt was present and listed in classes.txt but empty. I might have skipped that part somehow. Thank you :)
  11. I have tiny big issue with splited AI 11/13/2017 15:00:37.821, Loading Split AI: Can't load file aiai_adiantum_skilluse\adiantum_skilluse.txt And this for all classes. Yes I do have splited AI folder with txt etc. I did it with make.py all you provided some post again in a .tar what make me think there is something wrong is that "aiai_" after Loading Split AI: Can't load file .... It seem to miss a back slash in to assume it as path (ai\ai_ ) Did I fail somewhere ? Pfff do not mind me I am stupid really. That in Classes.txt ... Now when do fix classes.txt it show t
  12. Hi, Some region (and well known) have quite random critical error. Time to time players receive such error : But that not always the case time to time with luck no error and they can get npc. Anyway just to say I have checked several time client and it seem to be perfectly fine on another server Could such been related to AI.obj? I ask because that the only file I do not really know in /script/ and that the only one that remain the one from gracia final 83 leak. Thank you if you give any tips or help that quite frustrating ^^" Actually as surprising as it seem tha
  13. Can you try that an tell if that right ? (I can not check i do not have working primeshop working for Gracia Final.) Go in "Lin2World" then in "user_point" Search for your desired character by ID I row point type search id 0 of your desired character (I suggest that for test you use your builder account.) And in count if that 0 change it to something else so you can see that change in game. If that does not change it be sure to reload character. If that still not work try to add different Point type ID (ID 6 = Pc cafe point), all other I have no idea yet sorry.) It does N
  14. Maybe that an error in my side. Also unsure about it on Epilogue but when you sell, buy and refund it should close that window, to let the NPC speak. Beisde it, it seem to work pretty fine.
  15. That is maintly why I will try to switch on epilogue to see if this bug remain. I will report later if it does or not work :) I confirm epilogue does not have this issue. So I will make a tiny ''upgrade'' epilogue-> gracia final with just gracia final feature :)
  16. Hi Here an example of Aggresive monster (Krator ( A golem that send nice wind ball if you try to run away in Cruma Tower) in NPCData. npc_begin warrior 20217 [krator] category={} level=44 exp=23180550 ex_crt_effect=0 unique=0 s_npc_prop_hp_rate=2 race=construct sex=male skill_list={@s_npc_prop_race_construct;@s_npc_prop_hp_lv_m2;@s_npc_prop_mp_lv_p0;@s_npc_prop_pa_lv_n1;@s_npc_prop_ma_lv_n1;@s_npc_prop_pd_lv_p5;@s_npc_prop_md_lv_p3;@s_npc_prop_armor_type_n;@s_npc_prop_weapon_type_blunt;@s_npc_resist_sleep_ex5;@s_npc_resist_poison_ex5;@s_npc_resist_ble
  17. you can run with epilogue if you input right version with MyExt if you wanna give a try i will try to find a proper fix with the client Anyone have an epilogue system folder ? patched and working? Even if that include custom item etc I do not mind I have a slow internet for few days so I can not doanload full client to patch etc :))
  18. Hm great. and the word is too tiny for that. many classes that will help a lot of peoples. This really need a sticky cause that quite the most complete lite weight unreal editor for Lineage 2 :)
  19. {"Obelisk of Victory good"; -98293; 237764; -3568; 470; 0 } {"Obelisk of Victory bug"; -98320; 237764; -3568; 470; 0 } {"Obelisk of Victory ori"; -99586; 237637; -3568; 470; 0 } there might be something somewhere causing issue with that. 'good' is one front of obelisk but outside the unr of obelisk. 'bug' is one front of obelisk and inside the unr of obelisk. 'ori' is the original localisation from .obj now take a look at freya loc from freya's ai.obj {"Obelisk of Victory"; -99586; 237637; -3568; 470; 0 } Exact same loc as gracia final file :)
  20. well there is the pain way : Make a debug npc with all tp loc. Each time you tried one change the name of tp from TP1 to TP1 - OK and reload AI from npc server and so on. You always open server to few player to help you ^^ and severa TP to four npc and ask them to use it like crazy and report. If you want I can try to list all tp but it gonna be a pain. There is ton of tp. Or you can use some easier method. Get all gatekeeper name in npcdata Use a myteleport spellbook somewhere so you can go back to your loc without issue. And spawn all teleporter near you and try all
  21. Hi ! I have find no information about it and told the solution over a help topic so to help those who need it here a tiny guide to be able to use "Dimensional Merchan" aka Vitamin Manager. It is a feature that send item from SQL to player without any server reboot or commands needed. Al it need is a player restart if he/she were online when you executed SQL Command. (it does //premium_item command over SQL and for all player.) So let start, I assume in this guide that you start with a server shutdown.) :) Know Issue(s) : You can not send any non stackable items like
  22. Hi, I made a tiny SQL for that :) IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[user_premium_item]') AND type in (N'U')) BEGIN CREATE TABLE [dbo].[user_premium_item]( [warehouse_no] [bigint] NOT NULL IDENTITY, [buyer_id] [int] NOT NULL, [buyer_char_id] [int] NULL, [buyer_char_name] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [recipient_id] [int] NOT NULL, [recipient_char_id] [int] NULL, [recipient_char_name] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [server_receive_date] [datetime] NOT NULL CONSTRAINT [DF_premium_service_server_receive_date] DEFAULT (getdate()), [item_id] [int] NOT NULL,
  23. I can confirm this issue and I will look into that Client used - Gracia final 87 Got that issue Now I will try several combinaison of Geodata + unr to see if I can clear that issue. Edit seem it can be fixed without messing with files. Edit2: Okay I managed to fix it with just editing teleport position. In ai.obj change the faulty teleport (in my case gatekeeper_tatiana) : {"Wall of Argos"; 165054; -47861; -3560; 2200; 0 } to something a bit outside of wall of argos but still near ! {"Wall of Argos"; 163812; -48414; -3512; 2200; 0 } Class containing wa
  24. Well for curiousity I tried that method. First add in e_premium_manager001.htm this <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=1&reply=1"><font color="LEVEL">Receive vitamins items</font></a><br> now with a builder charater does that : //premium_item new 0 20227 1 new is used to tell to add a new item in list 0 is id of premium item line 20227 is One-Eyed Bat Drove Agathion Pack and 1 the amount of it feel free to correct me if i am wrong And now go check your Dimensional keeper press that added line (turn off
  25. I do not want to seem stupid but really, since I have put your cacheD I do not have such errors. At first each day I had to reboot NPC server to fix it, now after few days I still have no issues :) So maybe that a coincidence and in theory it should but I like it. Edit: Also tiny question where the command .expon .expoff is store in your code? Just telling the file that enough I want to learn on this first (debutting in code and I will try to understand these) (I can read it "that clear" yet unsure if I would be able to change it without breaking it :P) Edit2: Seem I have found