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  1. No will not.Thank you for your advice.
  2. Start date: 22-12-2018 19:00 (GMT+2) Website: www.l2gaia.com Community: www.l2gaia.com/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2GaiaH5/ Discord: https://discord.gg/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/L2Gaia ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General rates and features EXP/SP 25xAdena x5 MORE INFOSeal Stone x5Drop chance x10Spoil chance x10Epaulettes х3Manor x1Fame x1Fish x2RB drop x1Drop quest item x2Atribute stones 40% chanceAtribute crystals 35% chanceMax enchant +12Safe enchant +4 Enchants on shop up to A grade.Songs and dances 12 dedicated slotsVote system every 12h - you get a vote reward that increases your stats. Just type .getrewardCombine talismans - type .combine .Free class transfer.GM shop up to S grade.ALT+B buffer.Auto events.Auto potions. (Ctrl + Left Click)_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________GameplayServer time - gmt+1.Autoloot - enabled.Offline trades - activate by using the command .offline.Skills autolearned - enabled.Box limit - 3Cursed weapons - from server opening.Chat limitation - shout/private/trade chats are available starting at lvl 60.Anti Bot Protection - SGuard.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________OlympiadStart - Not decided yetFirst heroes - not decided yetMinimum number of people to start Olympiad - 8.Server features all High Five Olympiad arenas in which you can fight.All hero weapons working.Heroes every Saturday 12:00 gmt+1.Number of matches per week - 70Starting Olympiad points - 50.If you get disconnected in Olympiad, you will lose the points and GM won't give you the points back.If matches end in a TIE, both opponents lose points.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Castles, Sieges and Territory WarSieges start - Not decided yetTerritory War starts - Not decided yetAfter that, Sieges and Territory Wars will be every week: Territory Wars on Saturday and Sieges on Sunday.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Epic RaidBosses and Respawn timeValakas - 7 days +/- 4hBaium - 5 days +/- 4hAntharas - 7 days +/- 4hBaylor - 24H - 12H Random respawnQueen Ant - 24h +/- 10 min, (Retail)Beleth - 8 days, needs 18 players to enterSailren - - 24H - 12H Random respawnFreya Easy - needs min 9 players to enter, min-max lvl 82-85Freya Hard - needs 18 players to enter, min-max lvl 82-85Zaken lvl 83 - every Monday and Wednesday, needs 9 players, min-max lvl to enter 82-85Zaken Nighttime - needs min 18 players, min-max lvl to enter 55-56Frintezza - needs min 9 players to enter, min-max lvl 82-85Core - 3 days, (Retail)Orfen - 3 days, (Retail) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________