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  1. No will not.Thank you for your advice.
  2. Start date: 22-12-2018 19:00 (GMT+2) Website: www.l2gaia.com Community: www.l2gaia.com/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2GaiaH5/ Discord: https://discord.gg/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/L2Gaia ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General rates and features EXP/SP 25xAdena x5 MORE INFOSeal Stone x5Drop chance x10Spoil chance x10Epaulettes х3Manor x1Fame x1Fish x2RB drop x1Drop quest item x2Atribute stones 40% chanceAtribut
  3. SweeTs I'm absolutely sure he wants more explanations...ahhahahha
  4. EverybodyHasAdminRights = True in server.ini.... make it false and please don't open any server :)))
  5. Modify GameServer.bat.....-(Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Xmx2G) make it -Xmn512m or something.
  6. Yes and it is not your problem!! Stop spamming this topic!!! It's this the way you treat competition?
  7. And? Where is your problem? Does it affect you in any way? Or are you mad that I didn't want to share it with you? What the hell is wrong with you? What is with the attitude? Mr CTRL+C/CTRL+V If it wasn't for me to add the Skype button,you wouldn't either,isn't it? Who's talented and can create his own design,can Take the money he invested into,out of selling two ,three updaters. Why do you think I shared my updaters? To show people that my updater source is clean and virus free or errors. If I need to sell my source with 20-30 $ than you need to sell a compi
  8. Clean source code to create your custom L2Updater using Embarcadero (Delphi) 10.2 Tokyo Click to buy!
  9. Download link updated...added same fonts to the buttons...:)
  10. Enjoy the version 2 with redirection buttons
  11. This track makes me add some background music also to the updater....:P
  12. I use Rad studio 10.2 (Delphi) and the issue with png will be fixed on the next share.. The updater works smooth and it's virus free. Gauges are switched to progress bar and soon i will have animated progress bar also. 0 warnings and 0 errors and the bzip archiver errors updated also Give me your skype name so we can chat together :) Cheers!