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  1. ReUpload link http://www.mediafire.com/file/y94qbmjdzn2je53/Interface H5 by DEADZ.zip
  2. some day, do you want to put the files to be compatible with any chronicles? this interface is too beautiful to be restricted to just one type of client
  3. Does anyone know where I can edit the "abnormal visual effects" found in the skills? Ex: in this case > "abnormal_visual_effect = ave_ultimate_defence" in skilldata.txt skill_begin skill_name = [s_ultimate_defence1] /* [ ] */ skill_id = 110 level = 1 operate_type = A2 magic_level = 20 self_effect = {} effect = {{p_physical_defence;{all};1800;diff};{p_magical_defence;{all};1350;diff};{p_block_move};{p_resist_dispel_by_category;slot_buff;-80;per}} end_effect = {} is_magic = 0 mp_consume2 = 10 cast_range = -1 effective_range = -1 skill_hit_time = 1 skill_cool_time = 0 skill_hit
  4. I tried to use all the existing tables and information and could not add the points Edit: my server did not really have the system, I had to add more tables, in my case it was the account_balance
  5. Can someone take me out of this doubt, would like to know where I can add the points to use in Prime Shop, I am using the AdvExt Gracia Final server.
  6. Anti-bot is SmartGuard and new spoil rate is 5x chance and 5x count
  7. Informações L2Massivo - Lineage 2 High Five. Horário do Servidor, Site e Fórum - GMT -3 (Brasília) Duração dos Buffs - 20 minutos / 4 minutos Dances e Songs - 2 minutos Máximo Slots de Buffs - 20 + 4 (book learn) Máximo Slots de Dances e Songs - 12 Chance Mínima de Debuffs - 10% Chance Máxima de Debuffs - 90% Olympiads Max. Enchant - 20 Sub-Classe Quest - Sim Sub-Classe Level Máximo - 80 Classe Master - Não Off-line Shop mode - Sim Auto Learn Skills - Não Auto Learn Loot - Não Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot - Não Vitality System - Sim Nevit System - Sim Wedding
  8. I got for $ 100, was not as fast but I managed, and is working perfectly, sorry but I will not give the contact from whom I purchased =D
  9. I am buying a server L2off Tauti or GoD version, because I know there is a person who "rents" platforms as long as we have to give full access to 30% of the profits, if we are fools he can even steal our server. I paid very well, just need to negotiate Skype: slayer.jorge