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  1. Last years i was using StormWall but now im working with ovh servers its fine until now.
  2. You have not the access to ban members. If you have serious proofs about this person is scamming people send me private message topic cleaned.
  3. I'm working on it! I think I've found his buttons
  4. @Justice I never say something bad about you mate! You are one of the most i respect here that i was saying to maxtor before some days we need guys like you in our staff.. I'm talking about everyone who has been on staff last years most of them did a BIG nothing just using the mod for ads etc i think everyone knows that... I can speak public here with proofs and names but people who saying the truth are bad so the only i can do is to tell @Maxtor almost everyday about who i think needs to be demoted and i hope one day @Maxtor will hear me.
  5. I'm just telling you how i got it! I am a person who always expresses my opinion and speaks straight when something disturbs me is not personal !
  6. I am Dragic and want to let you know that I know your contribution as for all those who have been on the staff for the last 10 years + I remember you since you report topics that need to be locked before you become a gold member! You probably don't know about my contribution to this forum if you would like to ask Nik to tell you about it. I find it offensive to say "4 globals lol" at the time i got promoted
  7. Some of you who were once on staff, the reasons why you are no longer on the staff is because they were not active, some did nothing, some of you have negative behavior, some abused their access, others lost their enthusiasm etc.. Νik's mistake is not that he put people on the staff.. is that it doesn't demote those who are not appropriate for being staffers. I tell him to do it almost every day, i don't think it's wrong to make a promotions but to keep these people who doesnt care about this forum. Now about the "4 Globals lol" tell us who you think is random from the 4 globals we can talk about it!
  8. WTB ADENA ON L2 REBORN x1 PM ME HERE ON FORUM Prefix [WTB] means "Want to Buy"
  9. I totally agree with you, and I believe that the php section would be useful to our community. PHP category will be added soon!
  10. Καλησπερα και σε εσενα!
  11. Updated (20 March 2020)