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[Share]Custom Npc Seller by PoKoPiKo

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Hello  MaxCheaters Members.

I am here to share one more of my creations.

So lets start.!

Here is one photo:



Download~> http://www.4shared.com/file/x5ITlDQn/custom_shop_by_PoKoPiKo.html


Passowrd : PoKoPiKo

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Fenete kalo... Wraios...

Thx Ekana Ena Proxiro Gia Na Do Ama To Petixete.. Tr Pou Ida Oti To Ekana Kalo Lew Na Kano Kai Alla  :D :D

Aplo kai kalo mou fenete .. nice share!!

we are english section!

anyway, you just take it from other server pack ;)

and you have added the pics.( I guess )

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