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  1. Hello Mxc, This Is L2JLisvus Pack. Rev460 There are Fixses C4 (Scions of Destiny) - Fixed several problems with mobs not returning to their posts. Thanks Karakan. - Corrected spawns of few monsters being spawned in Worshippers Hallway. Thanks Karakan. - Fixed summons being unable to switch targets during attack. Thanks Karakan. - Fixed a summon aggro related problem. Thanks Karakan. - Partial fix of summon stop attacking when casting a skill. Now, it will continue attacking if skill is offensive. Thanks Karakan. - Fixed map region problem. Thanks Karakan. - Added a small but important check
  2. Your all fixses already shared on mxc :)
  3. Check Server/GameServer/Config/ipconfig.xml :)
  4. l2universe is good pack i test and all ok. But i don't know ru-infinity, Tnx For share ;)
  5. I Don't Have Screen and updater from zone-game. Sorry For My Bad English ;)