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  1. καπιος που να ξέρει να φτιάχνει σκριπτς για το adrenaline ας μου στήλη ένα μήνυμα στο e-mail μου : 17/5000 ή εδώ στο φόρουμ 17/5000 με πληρωμή δεν 8α πάει χαμένος ο κόπος του!!
  2. Hxhtikos Panikos
  3. i just go try now the very clean and good work on it i see no errors,work with x64,
  4. Hello i want to ask about the best working interlude project for live server that can handle many players and work with x64 bits
  5. homemade server ppl inside have wtf lag... unbalanced server 18 players all creat kamael couse they are bugged delete your server man...
  6. filos den to exw dokimasi se interlude alla se freya server petixeni 100%
  7. bes sta exploits gr/en kai diavase kanena exi tosa bug gia polaplasiasmo...