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  1. Hello Guys i know there is somewhere maxvotes/l2topzone (old files or ripped dunno) does anyone still have them to share? I know there is a lot scammers out there "selling" those files, please if someone still have them send link by pm or just post here if you wish. Thanks in advance guys.
  2. Damn Pere, my dream came true xD There is a few bugs to solve but i still LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! Now the questions: Pere is the best? A: Yes. Is Pere the best? A: Yes. The best is Pere? A: Yes How about the "Critical Bug"? For a long time that im away from tenkai so thats why im asking it A:Waiting for Asnwer. Will Pere continue with some commits? A:Hope so <3 Can you share the geo or tell me wich one you used? xD <3 A: Waiting answer.
  3. i spoke about "inner circle" ofc he has user contributions, most of the projects they as. btw, im not telling that mobius is better or l2junity is better, cause i love both. im using both. i just made a honest comment, i can be partial wrong, but i don't want anyone fighting cause all of you are amazing doing what you do. <3
  4. Guys why are you so mad (l2junity) i really love what you did till now in l2j community, mobius is doing so good for one person only in the "inner circle" that you call in l2junity. I really love your work, but i also love what mobius do. This is topic only creates fight with Steven Seagel vs Chuck Norris. John Cena vs Sponge Bob and Connor Macgregor vs Donald Trump. So please leave britney alone and lets be friends for ever. Love you all, with love from Jah, Yeshua, Ala, Buda, and Kim Jong-un MrNapz.
  5. anyone can re-upload it cause that link doesnt open. thanks
  6. that website is mine and is free, i will not give any payable votes or something like that
  7. Hello all, im sharing with you new website where you can add your server, this top is only for L2 Servers, not like the others you got many many many games and some are confused to use, so i made another top only for l2(i know its not the only one) but its more one for who want to use. be free to use a FREE topsite without payable banners or premium system to force you have a banner to advertise your server. Thanks. ps: if this is shared on wrong section please put it on right place cause i search a place to share website and didnt found :P and btw i hope maxcheaters doesnt go discontinued cause will be hard find another community like this.