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  1. I can say that i tested them out, and there are EXACTLY as advertised, the price is a bit spicy but if you want to make a serious project you should definitely check them out.
  2. Karmian, no missing skills lvl 60 and 80%. :) pm me for more information. Price : 35 euro
  3. Want to buy l2off vangarth latest packed, cracked with no backdoor.
  4. Can you please post that system? GF 83 protocol system? i am looking for it for a very long time... pls
  5. Hi there, Does anyone has an ideea where i can find Gracia Final 83 english system?
  6. Hi there, can some1 share or sell for an afordable price a pack that is compatible with Vangarth extender? I would fix the scripts myself but i lack the knowledge! Thankx.
  7. I WTB HELLBOUND(preferably) or interlude files:) (with sources) and geodata.
  8. How developers find new packets?:) in different versions of lineage? from FREYA TO HI5 for example, how are they developing the protocol?
  9. :) please contact me regarding this here or via pm
  10. java -server -Xmx1G -cp config:./* l2p.loginserver.LoginServer MAC: OK! WINDOWS: Cannot find class l2p.loginserver.LoginServer LINUX:Cannot find class l2p.loginserver.LoginServer IDEAS?::D:D? show me how pro are you guys! jar name: kernel.jar and it is in the same folder where the command executes