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[DISCUSSION] why Interlude?

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why most of the ppl think that interlude is better then gracia  ??? that is very interesting for me. somke ppl tells that more skills and more new places means more bugs. can someone tells me why? for me that isnt so. for me gracia is better

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When my server transfered from C6 Off to CT2.2 Java at least half of working things was broken.. and only few new were added. ofc most of those few work wrong 'till now...


At C6 everything worked fine. It was stable and retail like. Still... i prefer Gracia cuz C6 is boring after years..

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Simple things are always better...


Now all are -beep-ed uP =@


I dont like the newest chronicles because they exaggerated with the skills.The zones are fine.

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i choose c6 because no kamael race...Thats your answer!!(just think no kamael race means in l2dev)

thats boshit

Interlude=more easy to play

Gracia=Heavy for the pc (gets more ram memory)

Interlude=Simple things as karma said

and that isnt so. Interlude is heavy... gracia isnt so... the most heavy chronicle is Interlude

and the most gracia server are from kids... no developers = stupid. and there are a lot of good CT2 and CT1 servers. and more skills doesnt mean more bugs. and for me interlude ist good for PvP because most of the players are gladiators and necromancers.... and if you make a server you dont need only to download a datapack and change the rates... you must make it more interesting and balanced PvP... i am not agree that interlude is better. for me interlude is worst.... 

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Anyone who just played Chronicles like 1,2 or 3 will say definitely Gracia sucks.

It's just a common thinking of all players who has been playing that long, you just see and try and then you've got your opinion.

People, who like Gracia seem to me like they never played versions C1-Interlude, because they'd definitely say that it sucks, imo.

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