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  1. bump, please i really need to know it:$
  2. Well as the title says i have a question for you all. (I know i have been inactive the last times but i am busy with school and work) SO the last days i have been playing travian, (browser online game) and i have found a bot for it. The bot name's Tmbot (travian manager bot) so i downloaded it and i could play only 10 days due registry prevs. So now i need to pay to can use the bot or i am not abble to start the bot again. So my question is does someone know any program to remove the licence from tmbot? thx for the advance.
  3. Yes i already saw you, don't you remember when you sent me your "hyves?" Bixla style gel? haah i don't even use Gel, what i use is called Wax so stfu. I have got one question? why are you comming here posting fucking stupid things about other ppl? Do you think you are the perfect person? QQ if you aren't. I am who i am, i and i don't need to know what's your opinion about my hairstyle, but one thing i can tell you, when i walk on the streets i always have ppl who i know, and i can eat the girls i want, you?.. i don't really know and i don't even want to know, but your "hyves" already
  4. wahaah dude, with this hair style, and this clothes style i can get the girls i want. pff look at you.. -.-'
  5. [NL] Wat een mongol dan, zet als afkomst: netherlands maar is niet eens nederlander pff, naja je hebt altijd van die mensen die niet zo goed spoorten enzo XD
  6. NL: jah maar jij zei dat jouwe beter waren, dus laat het nou zien joh :p
  7. i will post today one foto after training :d then i will see yours ;)
  8. just 2 new foto's :D Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. it was just a question cuz i didn't know what to do, and the problem is not that i cummed in the condom the prob is that i cummed 2 times in the same condom and i didn't know if it was a big prob.
  10. yes i cumed in the condom, and btw this is for ppl who understood my problem, not for ppl like you that thinks i asked it to show that i had sex!
  11. Control! xd btw yeah i am 17