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  1. I'm looking for a l2j dev to help me with some changes on the svr i'm working(Not many things). I will pay him with money. Send me a message validcode@hotmail.com
  2. Seems nice but what is the donation list?
  3. To forum εχει γενικος γεμισει παιδακια που ψαχνουν hack για να να βελτιωθουν στον virtual κοσμο.Πολοι Moderator δεν πανε πισω επισης....To forum ειναι ποσα χρονια ανιχτο και μας πασαρουν στο home τον mafia !! τοσα χρονια δεν μαθανε απο σοβαρους server?
  4. Δεν τους εκλεισε το Sopa αν ειναι δυνατον http://www.philenews.com/el-gr/Eidiseis-Texnologia/4703/92703/kim-smits-aftos-o-mystirios-kai-ekkentrikos-idrytis-tou-megaupload
  5. A house track i made for all house fans http://soundcloud.com/salvationproductions/salvation-a-trip-to-the My facebook page http://www.facebook.com/SalvationMusicProductions
  6. I find it pretty good gonna join from second to second
  7. Send it to junk my bad it has been already been posted
  8. General High Five Instant 85 Features Balanced gameplay Zone Control TvT Event PvP Reward Raid Status NPC Scheme Buffer NPC Balanced Classes All available classes are viable and fill their own unique role. PvPs are fast paced, debuffs land, skills make more damage than autoattacks, and support classes are needed for Clans, Mass PvP, and Raids. Gameplay Free element Low enchanted gear No Elegia, No Epics/Olympiad/Territory War Jewels No mana potions If MP is at 30% or less, MP re
  9. w00t what are you talking about ...How will someone overenchant when enchants wont be very easy accessible and with low enchant rates
  10. Also lowering the enchant rate..I don't want this server to be another boring enchanting server.50 % would be great also make enchants difficult to buy..Sorry for triple posting
  11. + 17 would be better but like 15 % chance to succeed
  12. Gonna play was looking a server like this long time.I hope no corruption and retard gms
  13. Raule Drum and bass is a music genre aka hip hop etc...It envolves fast tempos.the most mainstream drum and bass i could i find to show you what i mean.
  14. lol? i don't like those types of sservers ruining l2
  15. Its Dnb and i'm pretty sure you know nothing about music