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  1. WELCOME TO THE DEATHLAND INTERLUDE LIVE Winter Season Server START 2018 11 10 18:00. Now: [GM ONLY] First 100 players GET VIP coin!8 new HARD raid bosses, with a custom delay added, you can find these bosses in A BOSS ZONE! Drop Blood Gemstones! Dark Shaman Varangka Palibati Queen Themis Ice Fairy Sirra Ember Uruka Antharas Priest Cloe Longhorn Golkonda Fafurions Herald LoknessBasic Info: RATES: XP 9999x SP 9999x Adena 10x DROP/QUEST 1x Enchant safe +15 MAX +30 CUSTOM NPCs: Enchant NPC RB Respawn NPC Achievements NPC Services NPC Augment Shop/NPC GM SHOP/GK Siege Manager VOTE NPC BUFFER and Events NPCs Custom Items: Black chaotic weapons Antharas Weapons with levels 1,2,3,4,5 upgradable Armors: black,gold,ice,blood sets Jewells: immortal,hell,kadesh jewells Hats, Auras, Wings Custom Zones: level 1,2,3,4 farm zones for materials weapon upgrade, services, other items in game Special event and raidboss zones Other INFO: Subclass , Noblesse FREE Weight limit 100x Max buff 70, buff time 8 hours Auto loot Auto learn skills Start up in giran level 80 Sub 80 Commands: .online /dressme .tvtjoin .tvtleave .tvtstatus alt+b (ranking,password,repair) WWW.DEATHLAND.EU
  2. LIVE Pre-Winter Season Server START 2018 10 21 18:00.with Huge updates in gear and items. Final Patch will be uploaded 2018 10 20 evening. Now: [TEST] WE ARE HERE TO PROVIDE FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT WITH FAIR GAMEPLAY AND NO CORRUPTION New special upcomming winter zone for all players, please be patient, stay soon!OLD ZONES BOSS: 4 new HARD raid bosses, with a custom delay added, you can find these bosses in FARM zones! Den of Evil: Dark Shaman Varangka Forbidden Gateway: Palibati Queen Themis Icecrown Castle: Ice Fairy SIrra Hell Lords: Ember (Main Boss)RATES:XP 9999xSP 9999xAdena 10xDROP/QUEST 1xEnchant safe +15 MAX +40 CUSTOM NPCs: Enchant NPCRB Respawn NPCAchievements NPCServices NPCAugment Shop/NPCGM SHOP/GKSiege ManagerVOTE NPCAUCTIONEER NPCBUFFER and Events NPCsCustom Items: HERO/AIO/pVP/Kill CoinsFair ItemsBlack Spider gearFB GOLD armorsIcecrown ICY armorsr99 ArmorsAntharas WeaponsWingsHatsAURASCustom Zones: Den of Evil/Forbiden Gateway/Ice Crown Castle: blessed enchant S scrolls, adena drop, Kill Coins/crystal scrolls/donate coin fragments dropGrandboss/PVP zone epic jewells and coinsOther INFO: Subclass , Noblesse FREEWeight limit 100xMax buff 70, buff time 8 hoursMax connection per ip:2Auto lootAuto learn skillsStart up in giran level 80Sub 80Commands: .online/dressme.tvtjoin.tvtleave.tvtstatusalt+b (ranking,password,repair) www.l2kill.com