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  1. Miss Platinum arrived on wings! Miss Platnum is a young german musician with Romanian roots that has already been support for German mega stars Peter Fox and Die Fantastischen Vier. http://de.alaplaya.net/assets/17933-hangover-bg.png[/img] You can play “She moved in” and “Why did you do it” from her latest album “The Sweetest Hangover” as well as the all time favorite “Give me the food” now in Audition. The modern sound of these songs matches the beat of Audition perfectly! The second sensation of this patch will give you wings! From now on real Audition addicts will be especia
  2. Cool Guys and Sweet Nurses Week Today the world celebrates the International Nurses Day. Nurses always look very chic in their work clothes and Audition is famous for fashion – needless to say that we have to celebrate that day in Audition as well! ^_^ To our male fellows – don’t worry, we won’t forget you. With Father’s day coming up tomorrow in some countries we also have a reason to celebrate men. From today until next week’s Wednesday the 19th there is the “Cool Guys and Sweet Nurses Week” in Audition where you can receive a complete outfit – unlimited. All you have
  3. New Patch Coming Soon Boom! Audition is going to be hit by the next music bomb – the gorgeous Miss Platnum. Along with the next patch 3 awesome songs will shake your Audition world. Miss Platnum is a young german musician with Romanian roots that has already been support for German mega stars Peter Fox and Die Fantastischen Vier. Her voice is astonishing and her music is a magnificent and unique mix of modern beats and traditional Romanian sounds – your fingers will freak out when playing these songs in Audition! Besides the music of Miss Platnum the next patch will contain
  4. S4League New PEN System ood news for all advanced S4 players among you: From now on, PEN are dropped by a new method. The amount of PEN you are rewarded with after every match increases according to your experience in S4League, isn’t that fair? This means the higher your level is, the more PEN you will receive. All players level 10 or higher will automatically receive 20% more PEN, all players level 20 or higher receive +25% and all players from level 30 receive 30% more PEN from every match they play. Level 10-19 +20% PEN Level 20-29 +25% PEN Level 30 or higher +
  5. if the clan dont play on interlude or c4 server i would like to join. and if you play low rate servers
  6. craft is better. crafting is exiting... :D
  7. Audition FAM Battle The epic Audition FAM Battle takes place on Monday, May 17th starting at 18:00 CEST. To apply, the FAM Leader has to choose 3 (+1 backup) of his best dancers and simply send a ticket to the Versus Department of our alaplaya Support Suite containing the following information: FAM Name Names of the players taking part (+1 backup) Levels of the players taking part (+1 backup) FAM points (min 160!) Application is possible until Friday, May 14th, 23:59 CEST. Any tickets coming in too late or lacking any of the required information will not be considered at
  8. yes im sure. i downloaded many system folders and file editors and still the same
  9. it dont opens the file thats the problem i dont open it. im trying to open and nothing
  10. i dont know what to do so im asking you guys. i try to edit my weapongrp.dat file on my epilogue client. and it writes me this: can not open file"C:\DOCUME~1\pa4o\LOCALS~1\Temp\RarSFX1\temp\weapongrp.txt". The system can not find the file specified. do somebody know whats this from? or how can i fix it? i tryed 1000 systems and many fileeditors and still the same. i dont know what to do. pls answer P.S.: i can open all the other files
  11. 1st Time AP Special Extended Because the 1st Time AP Special in S4League was such a big success, we have extended this event until May 11, so all first-time AP spenders still have the chance to get their hands on 3 free Toy Gun Capsules! Read further... The 1st Time AP Special is for all users who spend AP for the first time. So if you only recently decided to spend AP on alaplaya, this is the perfect opportunity to get more out of your AP. Get to S4 and get your free capsules! This event is extended untill Tuesday May 11, so you still have more than enough time to charge your a
  12. Great Pants Week In the next few days a fashionable event will make its way to S4League: The Great Pants Week! During this event you can satisfy your need for all kinds of pants, long or short, striped or pink. All PEN pants come with 20% discount and all AP pants come with 25% discount from May 5 until May 11. So this is your chance to fill your wardrobe with all the pants you've ever wanted! Have fun, Your alaplaya team ___________________________________________________________________ Design Your Desired Items! Since the response