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  1. This guy obviously is a troll, look at his registration date and all posts are in this thread. Gonna just let you talk trash, I am fine with it. It is obvious what you doing. Some more fraps for those of you who are interested. Enjoy! =)
  2. New account - troll. Come on, you really gotta try harder =)
  3. There won't be a wipe, nor a new server, but it is never too late to join L2Dawn = ) The community is very friendly and supportive.
  4. Some fresh mass fights on L2Dawn. Courtesy of NextTarget clan =) http://l2dawn.com Locations: Giran Castle, Ant Nest, Forge of the Gods, Tower of Insolence
  5. Stream video from yesterday's Baium fights. Enjoy! It is never too late to join L2Dawn! =)
  6. Super fresh video, in fact, posted about an hour ago, shows some casual fights for farming spots + fun fights for Innardil castle between smaller clans. Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?sv=MXZf06a1C3Y Never too late to join L2Dawn! =) http://l2dawn.com
  7. qqmore, that's not even close to what I said. I am willing to discuss actual issues (as the suggested bonuses for newbies for instance), but you cannot expect me to use a word other than "trolling/hating" for people who make unsubstantiated claims, which border absurdity as I already mentioned. Hope it is clearer now.
  8. I have absolutely no intention of arguing with a troll and this will be my first and only reply to you. You have provided no evidence whatsoever. Not only are your accusations false, but they border absurdity. Can you imagine a server staying online for 2 years with a very high population during the entire period and having "one of the worst geodatas" or being a "bot fest" or having an inactive and "noob" staff? Seriously, you guys can do better than this. You don't like L2Dawn for some reason - fine, you don't want to play here - fine, why do you have to lie about the situation on the se
  9. Hi, SirRoyal. Despite L2Dawn's longevity, it maintains a very high average online population. Although the concentration of players is at the high levels, the high online number guarantees that there are people in the low and middle-level segments as well. To illustrate to you what I mean, let me tell you that there are several stores in Gludio and over a dozen stores in Dion. Now, tell me honestly, how often do you see that on a server which is nearly two years old? Some hate on L2Dawn's success and stability for all kinds of reasons, so those people would probably try to make the case t
  10. The existence and current state of affairs on L2Dawn convincingly refutes your hypothesis...
  11. Video from the Bandit Stronghold siege on Feb. 3. Had quite some fun watching it) hope you will enjoy it as well. It's never too late to join L2Dawn)
  12. Newly designed account panel with lots of handy functions was launched today. Check it out and maybe register, if you haven't, yet)) L2Dawn is the best IL low rate server out there and as I have had the chance to say numerous times already - the most beautiful feature of this server is that it is never too late to start )) http://l2dawn.com/account/
  13. L2Dawn has an impeccable reputation for being stable and devoted to its community. The admin has made it clear that there will be no wipe or 2nd server. This is what makes L2Dawn different from other servers - it is never late to join or re-join. The server and your accounts will be always there for you.
  14. No, not at all. All accounts remain active. This is the beauty of L2Dawn. =) While other servers wipe, re-open, close and what not, L2Dawn has remained online and stable for over an year now. And as you can see, population-wise it is doing pretty damn well. =) Don't hesitate, just join. Whether as a competitive player or as a casual one, you'll find your place on L2Dawn.
  15. New PvP video from Saturday's Aden siege. Enjoy! Don't hesitate to join L2Dawn. It is super newbie friendly))